Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arab Spring Update, 25 June 2012

Turkey said Monday it would push NATO to consider Syria's downing of a Turkish jet as an attack on the whole military alliance....Turkey will push NATO to consider the jet's downing under Article 5 in a key alliance treaty. Article 5 states that an attack against one NATO member shall be considered an attack against all members.  (Stars and Stripes)

Syria:  Turkey's cabinet was supposed to have met on Monday, 25 June, to discuss the downing of a Turkish aircraft by Syrian government forces and determine a proper response.  Turkey has also called for a NATO meeting under Article 4 (Consultations) on Tuesday, 26 June, to discuss the same issue.  Secretary of State Clinton called the incident a "brazen and unacceptable act in the strongest possible terms." Reports indicate that 33 Syrian soldiers defected to Turkey, which apparently included two colonels and a general.  (Comment: As I have said many times, America must not get involved in Syria.  It is a lose-lose situation for us.  How many more wars are we going to fight on behalf of those who are not our allies, but are instead our enemies?) (Sources: MSNBC, CNN, Stars and Stripes)

Egypt:  The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, has been declared the winner.  He has declared that he will review Egypt's peace treaty with Israel, which will most likely be thrown out.  The Coptic Christians in Egypt may soon be under threat of death, conversion to Islam, or paying the jizya tax.  (Sources: Jerusalem Post, Washington Post)

Kuwait:  The Kuwaiti cabinet resigned on Monday, 25 June.  I don't get this one, so you can read it for yourself: Reuters article.

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