Tuesday, May 29, 2012

His Cover Is Blown…..

By: J Robert Giles


“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”  - Albert Einstein


Trust in the media is becoming an ever more foolish investment, yet exposure to their prospectus is nearly impossible. The influence of those loyal to the dangerous ideology of liberalism is inescapable. To hear the depictions of the candidates in the 2012 Presidential Election, both forthright and subliminal, you would think that the incumbency of His Barackness is all but assured. He’s the hero. He’s the one who stepped in and rescued us from the abyss of George W. Bush, remember? He stepped in and heroically choked the life out of bin Laden’s terrorist hiney with his star spangled, bare hands. Remember? He’s the one who single handedly rescued our economy from the disaster left by his predecessor. Mitt Romney, by comparison, is portrayed as a drooling bag of idiocy whose ethics are as questionable as his right to stand in the same room with such genius as that possessed by Barack Obama. The truth, as is so often the case, lays gasping for air, battered, and bruised on the side of the trail, tossed from the moving vehicle of Obama’s campaign. Much like someone who dared to question the authority of a 1930’s style Chicago gang where Obama seems to have learned so much of his social grace.

In reality, Mitt Romney is just as intelligent as Barack Obama and he comes with the distinct advantage of being able to prove it by the very means Obama and his people have spent many years and millions of dollars to hide. See, we don’t know anything about the grades Barack Obama received at Harvard or any of the rest of his schooling. For some reason, that information has been carefully and skillfully purged from databases who always seem to have information about Republican candidates printed, and ready to ship. We know what degrees Obama earned because he tells us every chance he gets. Yet without providing proof of his own grades, the Obama campaign sees no problem with questioning Romney’s. Mitt Romney graduated from Brigham Young University with a 3.97 GPA. He then went on to earn simultaneous degrees in law and business from Harvard. That’s an amazing feat in and of itself, but when the stories of Romney’s leadership within the Harvard community are added to the mix…..it’s more impressive than anything in Obama’s shady past.

Obama and the media love to portray Romney as a greedy fat-cat who cares about nothing but money. They act as if acceptance into the circle of friends with which Romney is linked requires serious skeleton’s in the closet. Like there’s something inherently wrong with financial success. Does anyone out there think Obama would wait an entire heartbeat to accept if Romney offered all his money in exchange for the White House? The Obama family would set a trail of fire behind them as they blasted out of there with their big bags of cash. Michelle could finally be proud of her country again as she spends that greedy white-man’s money on the servants in her new tropical paradise. Again, apply logic to these insane accusations and they crumble quickly. Past friendships and relationships are the very last thing Obama should want to bring into this election but the media’s fascination with him assures that his own youthful friendships will not be closely examined. While Romney’s study group describes him as a natural leader who always demanded and personally summoned their very best during their Harvard years, Obama’s friends are known terrorists, extremists, and radical hate peddlers. While Romney abstained from the typical trappings of college life like alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and even caffeine; Obama partook in all. Mitt and Ann Romney still take time out of whatever they are doing to attend the dinner his Harvard study group still holds every few years. He even stopped in for a few hours on his way to Athens to clear the troubled Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002. All speak of Romney as a dear friend, a devoted husband and father, and a natural leader. There is no psychotic gleam in their eye. There is no “bonded through lunacy” tone in their rhetoric. In fact, it’s not rhetoric at all. Obama dismisses his relationship with Bill Ayers as something we shouldn’t worry about. Instead, we should focus on the fact that Mitt Romney’s friends are rich. As we all know…..people who knowingly try to kill others with bombs and ideology are not nearly as dangerous as those who obtain personal wealth through sound business strategy and ethical living.

His Barackness and his subordinates seem to derive great pleasure from the act of twisting the truth. Obama bashes religion with every official act his administration pushes upon us. He preaches to us as if any interpretation of scripture that doesn’t support his intentions is foolishness interpreted by fools. He dismisses religious tradition and belief as crutches of the weak. In reality, Obama’s understanding of the Bible and its infinite wisdom are just about as accurate as his interpretation of the United States Constitution. Both are horribly twisted and made to accommodate lunatic levels of liberalism. Obama dismisses our concerns over his involvement with “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright as “unwarranted and conspiratorial.” For twenty years, Obama was an active member of the blatantly racist pastor’s black liberation theology church. Yet, in 2008, when the story first came to the surface, Obama’s church was said to be “off-limits” and like the good little puppet Obama told us he was, McCain obeyed and refused to run ads telling independent voters about Obama’s Wright connection. Silence is no longer an option. If Obama and his loyal subjects can attack Mormonism, then I have a few questions about Obama’s chameleon-esque religious beliefs. As I sit here guzzling coffee and cussing at each typo I make, it is painfully obvious that I am not a Mormon. That does not mean that I would abandon my Christian beliefs in the face of fear. Romney has upheld his incredibly strict beliefs and moral code in the face of what I am sure is unyielding pressure. Obama changes his mind to suit the ever shifting winds of public opinion. His Barackness will do his best to cast a shadow of doubt over Romney’s spiritual beliefs but his own are seemingly off-limits to us, the lowly public.

Obama asks us to consider whether Romney would have had the courage to “do what {Obama} did” with regard to Osama bin Laden. My answer is yes. Not only would he have had the courage, but he would have had the knowledge to think beyond the glory-grabbing headlines. Romney would have had the courage to praise the men who carried out the mission, not the men who watched the raid unfold on TV from the safety of another continent. Romney would have praised the methods of interrogation that brought forth the critical information leading to Jihadolf’s death, even if they were controversial and approved by political adversaries. Romney would have made sure that Dr. Shakil Afridi and his entire family were safe and out of Pakistan before the raid ever took place. Romney would never have left the man that risked his own life to provide America with the undeniable DNA proof of bin Laden’s location to rot in a Pakistani jail for 33 years. Obama’s failure to plan beyond the personal glory of the raid is horrible and will most likely cost the life of a man who should be heralded as an American hero. Now that there is no political value to be wrung from the Doctor’s involvement, he’s of no use to Obama. Besides, why would Obama share the glory? His blindly loyal subjects would not approve.

No more silence. No more bowing to the pressure of Obama’s self appointed power. His past is as scary as his present and neither can be allowed to live in the White House beyond January of 2013. Get this word out to the independents. They’re notoriously out of touch. They don’t pay attention to the news until just before the election and we need to get these ideas implanted in their heads much earlier than that. Get the truth out there. No matter what Obama and the media may say, Romney is NOT the one with the questionable past. Put that idea to bed. Otherwise, we’ll be fighting an uphill battle in late October against an enemy with superior weaponry. Please share the link to this article with as many people as possible. The differences in the candidates are not the differences being portrayed in the news.

As always, thanks for playing.

J Robert Giles

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