Monday, May 21, 2012

Back To The Future…..

By: J Robert Giles


“I would like to think that with my election and the early decisions that we’ve made, that you’re starting to see some restoration of America’s standing in the world.”  - Barack Hussein Obama  (Reportedly said with a straight face.)


They say that history repeats itself, but most of us consider ourselves too young to witness such a trend. Why is it that only the negative parts of our historical cycle like the decay of civilizations, war, bell-bottom jeans, and El Nino seem to gain our attention? There are positive events tangled into that repetition too. It’s not all fallen empires and catastrophic events, you know? I know in my heart that the Dallas Cowboys will win another Super Bowl before I draw my last breath. It’s just bound to happen sooner or later. How about this election cycle? Does it not have an undeniable feeling of déjà vu to it? How about the emotions surrounding this particular election?

Take the candidates out of the discussion. Just look at the emotions in the air. If you were alive in the late seventies, you’ll notice an uncanny resemblance to the world with which you are now surrounded. Iran is flexing its crazy muscle. Gas prices suck. Our president’s a buffoon. Liberals will no doubt point out all sorts of “facts” to say that this time is different. They’ll distance themselves from the historical failures of their ideology. They’ll do what they always do which is to rewrite history and paint themselves in a more favorable light. They’ll scoff at our mention of their failures. They’ll look down their noses at us as if we only view failure in their actions because we are too simple to understand their brilliance. They’ll quickly find another victim to cling to and together they’ll reject reality like children. Everything is someone else’s fault. Blame is like sex to liberals. They can’t get enough it.

America felt the same way in the seventies. We were still healing as a country from the wounds of war, a presidential assassination, and the stench of hippies. We were ready for some positive energy. I’m not talking about anything related to crystals, but actual positive energy. We knew we were great. We knew America could do better than the reputation our actions had earned us around the planet. Reagan was elected President and our country seemed to bounce back. Mention of Reagan’s name seems to be a lightning rod for criticism lately because liberals do NOT want us drawing that emotional comparison. They do not want us to draw the correlation between the complete and resolute abandonment of liberal ideology and the success of America in the early eighties. They’ll rewrite history to make the eighties seem like a miserable time to be an American, but if that were true then such cinematic greats as Hot Tub Time Machine would never have been written. Think about it. Try as they might, the facts are just too real to ignore.

We’re standing on that precipice once more. There’s no way to ignore the fact that America feels like it’s gotten it’s butt kicked repeatedly over the last four years. In some way, every single American has suffered a loss under Obama’s leadership. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the heaviest damage done under His Barackness has been leveled against Americans who won’t be born for at least another generation. Liberals love to call themselves “progressives” but what exactly are we allowing them to define as progress? Do we really want to “progress” any further toward a liberal’s idea of utopia where competition is frowned upon, work ethic is viewed as a character flaw, and prayer is considered a crutch for the weak? Is that the world we want to deliver to our great grandchildren? These actions that we keep ignoring…..they’re not going to just go away. This debt that we keep allowing our government to accumulate with no budget or plan to cut it off at any time in the future… will go unchecked until such time as America rolls up its sleeves and fights back. Liberals love to attack Reagan and talk about how he raised taxes eleven times during his presidency but what they fail to acknowledge is the overall morale boost his leadership gave to this country. What they fail to acknowledge is how great it was to be in America during the Reagan years. Liberals will blame propaganda, cocaine, and selective blindness for the boost in patriotism and pride but in reality it was the freedom to prove our greatness. It was the encouragement we felt to compete. It was the consuming drive to live up to our own goals. It was the belief that being an American was worthy of pride. When America felt like we had been kicked in our panhandles by the Carter years, Reagan was asked to take over. Liberals love to scoff at the comparison of Obama to Carter. Maybe they’re right…..Carter actually deserved his Nobel Prize, and he only accumulated a few hundred billion dollars in national debt. Carter must have been unaware of the free-for-all spending habits of Obama’s brand of liberalism. If only Obama had been an American at the time, maybe he could have enlightened Mr. Peanut. Carter led Reagan by 18% in ABC News-Harris Polls in May of 1980 but only won 6 states in November. Obama and Romney are neck and neck. I never imagined I would be uttering the following statement, but compared to Obama; Jimmy Carter is a bona fide badass. Think about that for a second, liberals…..the man who once screamed in terror because a rabbit was swimming toward his fishing boat is more manly than your current deity. Does that not concern you at all? Does that not bring the least bit of shame to your loyal little psyches? Carter stood up to the fodder from the swamp rabbit incident and acknowledged its humor. Would Obama have done the same thing? To be honest…..I now agree with the liberals who scoff at the comparison of Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama but I do so for very different reasons. I do so because such a comparison is unfair to President Carter.

In November of 1980, Ronald Reagan became President, but in the eight years of his Presidency America woke up. We gave unto the world such things as the personal computer, The McRib and its long forgotten cousin, the McDLT, and overt greed. Many lessons were learned and many pains endured, but no matter what anyone says, the eighties were a good time to be an American. No matter what anyone says, Obama is a horrible leader and he must be unelected. That’s not to say that Romney will be the next Reagan, but without him there may not be a next American President. That title will be appointed by whichever government owns this country by then! The comparisons need to be made. They need to be examined and they need to be acknowledged. America is standing on the precipice of another patriotic awakening but simply accepting fluorescent colored clothing and absurd spending habits is not all that will be required of us. We’re going to have to work. We’re going to have to suffer and we’re going to have to sacrifice. The result of that effort will be the peaceful happiness that springs from a common goal. America’s greatness is a terrific goal and it is one that transcends political stubbornness. Liberalism has failed under Obama’s Presidency. It’s as simple as that. Step out of the way, let capitalism and its competitive nature clean up the moral, financial, and spiritual mess liberalism has left in its wake and let’s get back to the American pride felt with the overall progress of the eighties.

They say history repeats itself, but our reactions and our handling of that repetition do not have to remain consistent. Instead of record personal debt and foolish household spending, teach responsibility and good stewardship this time around. We can accept and engage the return of the fitness craze of the eighties, but there is no law that requires leg-warmers, big hair at the gym, or Jane Fonda’s relevance to be included in that repetition. They say history repeats itself, but Obama’s trying to recreate the election of 2008 and it’s just too soon. His record simply doesn’t support the hype and charm. His attacks against Romney are proving to be empty and more damaging to Obama than those who want him gone. He attacks Romney for his success at Bain Capital; painting him as greedy, but then turns around and asks Wall Street for enormous campaign contributions. Cowardly. He portrays himself as one of the SEAL’s responsible for Bin Laden’s death. Cowardly. He creates victims wherever a victim will further his cause. Cowardly. Put Obama, alone in a fishing boat in a Georgia swamp and release some swamp rabbits. Carter splashed water at the beast and joked about the incident later with great humility. Obama would label the rabbit a racist and have him deported but still expect his vote in November. He’s THAT crazy!

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles

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  1. Loved your rant! The 80s was a wonderful time to be an American. The music was good too.