Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trainwreck of Thought…..

By: J Robert Giles


“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”  - General George S. Patton

Class War

Many of you are still reeling from the blistering defeat handed to the Buffett Rule last week and I will try to be sensitive as I dance around your ridiculous feelings but the hypocrisy of the defeated bill shouldn’t go without broadcast simply because a few liberals might suffer more than their fair share of discomfort. No longer will we, as conservatives, sit back and let the liberals retreat into the comforting arms of their brethren when confronted with the defeat of their ideological offerings.

The Buffett Rule was soundly defeated for several reasons but first, it’s important to know what the rule, had it been enacted, would have accomplished. I’m not talking about the kind of back-pedaling knowledge that comes from constant historical rewriting. That kind of knowledge informs the liberal mind and it has no place in the real world. The Buffett Rule would have delivered a crushing blow to those evil millionaires who are simply “screwing” the rest of the world.  That’s what the media and those they support would have you believe. They believe you are too stupid to actually research beyond what they present to you as reality and that’s why their impact is diminishing by the day. The power of influence is rapidly shifting to blogs, social media, and talk-radio. Barack Hussein Obama, still campaigning for a law that has already been defeated, has been busy condemning the republicans for striking down yet another effort that would have delivered relief to the ill-fated “middle class.” Has anyone ever heard Obama actually define “middle class?” It seems to be his vague, mysteriously supportive, go-to victim whenever specificity eludes him. Whenever he needs to rally the troops…..those under-educated, government dependent, teat-suckling, race baiting, blindly loyal troops…..he brings out the old class warfare card.

The problem for Obama and for the media who props up the facade of his accomplishments leadership experience budget image is that his passion is unraveling. The infectious charm and passion he exhibited in 2008 was supported by promises he never intended to fill. Now, supported only by a horrendous record, he is having a wee bit of trouble garnering the kind of ardent support he enjoyed back in the days when “blame Bush” was actually an effective campaign strategy for the democrats. Well…..who do we blame now? Before you answer, libtard….. we know who YOU will blame. What we’re asking is who can you legitimately blame? (Legitimate means “conforming to the laws or to rules”) The Buffett Rule was just another in the long line of bastard children born unto the Obama Presidency. The Buffett Rule is the youngest brother of such infamous failures as the blackmail powered Chevy Volt and ObamaCare. It was peddled as a bill that would finally make people earning over a million dollars a year pay their “fair-share” of taxes. Any mention of wealthy people getting an advantage not handed to those who did nothing to earn it will get the Obama base all sorts of riled up. How dare a wealthy person enjoy a comfort not guaranteed by food stamps, welfare, ACORN, Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security? “These wealthy people don’t pay any taxes!” That’s the message Obama attempted to deliver to his loyal minions, right?

Well, Mr. President, I’ll refrain from unleashing the sinful rage boiling inside me with each passing day of your Presidency. I’ll vent that festering displeasure on November 6th in exactly the manner in which our Founding Fathers intended…..I will vote angry! It’s a good thing BS doesn’t bounce sir, or you’d be in orbit by now. The reality that you and Mr. Buffett are working so hard to keep from the ears of those still fooled by your nonsense is that Mr. Buffett could have easily paid more in taxes than his secretary if he truly wanted to do so. In fact, anybody can donate more to the US Treasury than the paltry amount the IRS takes from you. If you would like to send more money to the IRS or to the US Treasury, please send your “fair share” of extra cash to:

United States Department of Treasury

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington DC 20220

For those of us who feel that we have already paid our “fair share” in taxes, the reality of the Buffet Rule is a bit troubling. The President is demanding that we all pay more than those who make less, but there are several key pieces of evidence he left out of this latest campaign frenzy. ONE: Warren Buffett is currently in the middle of multiple lawsuits in which the IRS claims he owes BILLIONS in unpaid taxes. Kind of easy to pay less than your secretary when you just decide not to pay your taxes, isn’t it Mr. Buffett? TWO: Obama also paid a lower tax rate than his secretary! His Barackness paid a measly effective tax rate of 20% on his $790,000 income in 2011. His secretary paid 21%. The average tax rate for people in the same income bracket as His Barackness was 24%. He demands that wealthy Americans forgo the deductions that allow such flexibility in liability, but he and Michelle took advantage of just about every loophole they could find. Salesmen who believe in their product don’t rely on the competition when nobody’s looking, you incompetent buffoon. Translation – If Obama really believed this crap-sandwich he’s forcing down our throats, he would be the first in line to participate in it’s wisdom. THREE: Warren Buffett benefited greatly from billions of dollars in Obama handouts. His support and the use of the great “Buffett” name were simply the agreed upon repayment method. You see folks…..Obama gives away our money to people who will help get him reelected. It’s as simple as that.

The wealthy have more money to invest. It may make you mad, you may even find yourself a tad bit envious at times. It’s human nature to want what others have, but to manipulate the government into stealing it for you is just plain wrong. Not only is it wrong, it’s dangerous. The Buffett Rule and the imaginary “Class War” that fuels such lunacy is tearing apart the unique ability of the United States. Snap out of it!

Obama doesn’t believe we can fix our country…..get out of the way and let us prove you wrong. Obama believes the government of the United States is more important than the people of the United States…..step aside and watch our ingenuity amaze even the most calloused of men. Obama believes taxes are the only way to fund future success…..sit back and watch capitalism prove you wrong once again. Obama believes the role of government should be to decide how to spend your money. Obama believes everyone should be given exactly the same life, no matter how hard you work, save, or plan. Obama believes he’s invincible….anyone care to join me in proving him wrong? Let’s say we all meet on November 6th, okay?

There’s always going to be someone that has something you don’t have. That’s just the way life goes.

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles

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