Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 99% Spring: Themes and Targets

Themes and Targets

It is crucial to understand the ideology behind, and the objectives of, the 99% Spring.  What follows is a summary based on their website and the training material found therein.

Who are the 1%?  The 1% are defined as "not just rich people, but those people who deliberately and intentionally use their power and wealth to rig the economy and co-opt the democratic process."
"Rich people don't need governments...they take care of themselves."
"The 1% attack our democracy and government."
"The 1% want to protect their control over the workplace and economy."
"The 1% are trying to take away the right to vote."
"Those with money supress the many."
"The 1% strategy is to divide and conquer--attack and shut out minorities (Latinos, Muslims, GLBT, etc.) from the economy.  The 1% attack minorities to distract the people from the real culprit of our woes--the 1%."
"The 1% trashes the planet."
Who are the 99%?  Generally, it is supposed to be everyone else, especially those suffering in the current economic conditions which they fully blame on the 1% and their greed.
"This is class warfare."
"Trayvon Martin is the 99%."
"With this economy, if you are poor, you are on your own." (Van Jones using Hurricane Katrina as an example...yes, the exposed socialist Van Jones and former White House czar makes an appearance in the training videos.)
General Themes:
(1) Holding banks accountable
(2) Corporate tax dodging
(3) Shareholder meetings
(4) Getting money out of politics
(5) Local campaigns
(6) Occupy our homes
(7) Workers rights (I believe the issue of illegal immigration will be included here)

Other Themes:
(1) Animal rights
(2) [Illegal] immigrant rights (they will never call them illegal)
(3) GLBT agenda issues
(4) Trayvon Martin, gun control, 'stand your ground' laws
(5) Military industrial complex
(6) Debt from college tuition
(7) FDR's control of the economy was good (centralized, government management of the economy)
(8) Reagan is to blame for the disenfranchisement of Unions (Labor Movement) and thus the workers, the dismantling of FDR's New Deal, and the deregulation of banking.  According to these folks, the free market economy started with Reagan.  (He is bad.)
(9) Corporate control of America is a grand conspiracy
(10) Tax the rich
(11) There has been a deliberate transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich

...and anything else you can think of that people want to protest as long as they fit the socialist agenda for America.   (In other words, they will not support issues like pro-life, prayer in schools, freedom of Christian worship, etc.  They are absolutely biased in the support of socialist causes.)  With the 99% Spring, socialists are attempting to create the conditions for a mass popular uprising in support of the rejection of free-market capitalism and the establishment of socialism in the United States of America.

Targets That Were Identified Specifically:
(1) WalMart
(2) Banks (student loans, home mortgages...the banks are a big target)
(3) Elections
(4) Wall Street
(5) Restaurants
(6) Schools
(7) Oil companies
(8) Corporations
(9) Wealthy elites

Who are they not blaming or targeting directly?  So far they have not mentioned Christian churches or specific politicians outright.  However, these two groups would make sensible targets if they really want to achieve socialism in the United States.

At no point do they ever blame the current President, Administration or its policies.  The silence in this area is telling, since the 99% Spring movement is being coordinated to assist in the President's re-election.

If you want to see who around you may be involved with these protests, visit the 99% Spring Facebook page and observe who is posting there.

Disclaimer: These opinions are solely my own, and do not reflect the opinions or official positions of any United States Government agency, organization or department.

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  1. Excellent article. They do not attack Christian churches because they have already infiltrated the Mainline and many Evangelical churches. Read @TheIRD Tweets. Very informative on the subject of infiltration of the churches.