Thursday, April 26, 2012

The 99% Spring: So What?

The 99% Spring: So What?

The 99% Spring is a effort to mobilize the people in support of the current President's reelection.  How can this be, you ask, since President Obama is never mentioned on their website or in their training?  If you compare the major themes of the 99% Spring with President Obama's political statements and the ideas in his book, "The Audacity to Hope," you will see that they are virtually identical.

Their overall plan probably looks something like this:

1. Occupy Wall Street (OWS).  Through mass publicity of OWS protests, bring to the people's attention a vehicle for them to protest their grievances against free-market capitalism and the current form of government.  Provide the current socialist leadership across the United States experience leading protests. 

2. Train protest leaders.  Attract, indoctrinate, radicalize, and train common people who are attracted to the cause of Occupy Wall Street to mobilize the Proletariat masses.

3. Conduct the 99% Spring.  Following in the spirit of the American-backed Arab Spring, bring a larger group of people to the streets executing "non-violent direct action" at specific targets considered part of the 1%.  This gives the new leadership experience leading protests, encourages more people to get excited about the movement and its causes.

4. Assess, train new leadership and new tactics.  Use the summer to assess the effectiveness of the 99% Spring, adjust their messaging and tactics based on the current political situation, and prepare for the 99% Fall.  They may use this opportunity to progress to more disruptive and potentially violent tactics to place the nation in turmoil just prior to the November elections.  Attract, indoctrinate, radicalize, and train more activists.

5. "The Event." A significant event will be orchestrated/facilitated/exploited in the United States that will add urgency to the agenda of the President, and therefore that of the 99%.  The belief is that this event will convince an enormous number of people to join the cause for the President's re-election, as he will be seen as the solution, not the cause, of this great problem.  It is uncertain what this event will be, but it is necessary to garner more support behind the cause.   A potential target will be the youth (college students and recent graduates burdened by student loans?), as they have historically been exploited for radical causes.

6. Conduct the 99% Fall.  Get the re-enforced 99% in the streets to directly impact the national Presidential election with a mass movement demanding the re-election of President Obama as his ideology matches exactly with the issues being protested by the 99%.  Demonstrate the outright anger and disgust the people have with the current ruling elite (business), free-market capitalism, and the American Republic based on the Constitution.  Demonize Romney as the epitome of the oppressive 1%.  Conduct a massive protest at the Republican National Convention.  Call for the institution of socialist practices, policies and regulations.

This is a brilliant strategy, as President Obama's opponent, Governor Mitt Romney, can easily be portrayed as the poster child for the 1% who are blamed for all the nation's ills.  This will provide the 99% with a clear, singular target of their angst as November approaches.  This provides the Obama Administration's re-election campaign a very sharp weapon in their toolbox to influence the electorate, a la Saul Alinsky.  Brother Saul may be dead, but his ideas haunt us to this very day.

On the other side, Mitt Romney does not have any mobilized forces of his own.  Should he co-opt a group like the Tea Party to support his cause, the 99% Spring minions/goons will have much more experience by the Fall, and will be very well prepared to counter and intimidate any force that may surface in support of Romney.  I can foresee the 99% initiating violence between them and Tea Party advocates, requiring a crack down by the government...and the 99% Spring forces will be favored by the Federal arm of Government.

What does this mean for you?  Putting it all together, this is a major push by American socialists to overthrow our current way of life and replace it with a socialist form of government and economy that is "fair" and "just" for all.  They are executing a brilliant bait and switch, by telling you they support all the words of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, but removing the base upon which it was founded and replacing it with Marxism.  This is the best chance the Marxists have ever had to overthrow the American way of life, and they are going to play for keeps.  This is serious, folks.  They will most likely go so far as to manufacture the crisis as described above and not let it go to waste.

May God be watching over and protecting us this year.

Disclaimer: These opinions are solely my own, and do not reflect the opinions or official positions of any United States Government agency, organization or department.

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