Monday, March 12, 2012

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

No not Sidney Poitier, but President Barack Hussein Obama.  The Royal Visit Presidential Visit will occur sometime in July.

In the latest DEBKAfile issued this last Friday the analysts reveled:
1. Prime Minister Netanyahu has given President Obama breathing-space for a decision on the timing of an attack Iran.

2. As the latest DEBKA-Net-Weekly issue disclosed exclusively this Friday, Obama wants to meet Netanyahu again in July and is considering a trip to Israel to be combined with visits to other Middle East capitals. He reckons the trip will give his reelection campaign a major boost.

It cannot be said now if this journey will take place before or after an attack on Iran and whether it will be an American, an Israeli or a combined operation.

3. Iran is meanwhile forging ahead with the production of highly-enriched uranium with the help of advanced centrifuges and with the assembly of nuclear weapon components - undeterred by sanctions or diplomatic pressure. What could be more rational than taking advantage of “the window for diplomacy” so freely offered?
Then again Obama is having a hard time convincing Jews he is a friend of theirs.  All of the Muslim World has gone on record saying that:
1.  Obama is a Muslim

2.  Obama will hand first Jerusalem back to the Arabs, then all of Israel to them.  By physical force if necessary.

Yet the Jews of the United States are waking up to the reality of Obama.  When Obama addressed AIPAC last week he received light applause, not the riots cheers he received in 2008.  People who gave a monthly donation to his campaign in 2008 have shut the purse so tight that light cannot escape (let alone dollars).  Even Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to try and convince her own family to support Obama.  (They are debating to support her re-election attempt.)

The tribe is angry and no fake visit to Israel (With a couple of tons of equipment, 2 separate means of travel [One for Barack and another for Michelle.], and costs to the US Taxpayer of millions of dollars wasted.) will convince the tribe that we should support Obama once again.  No this time our eyes are opening and we will not be fooled once more.

The Jewish People will remember everything in November!

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

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