Friday, January 06, 2012

Winnowing Alert! Winnowing Alert!

Winnowing Alert! Winnowing Alert! Such overused political pundit jargon!!!

Pretentious "high-dollar" words and phrases are making a "precipitous fall" due to our highly connected political playground. Enough already! You pundits are making a steep slide right into deep "bovine scatology," as our J.D. Longstreet might say.

This is just a brief listing of some of the most glaringly offensive, overused, and off-keyed notes of jargon to grace the political scene this year:

People have been separating the grain from the chaff since the beginning of time but the word "winnowing," has suddenly taken on a new more "cogent" meaning during this GOP primary season.

I'm not sure which commentator or newscaster first began using "winnowing" this year but the word caught on so rapidly that every light-weight Thesaurus-challenged pundit has fallen victim to the winnowing fork. So let's blow these bits of chaff away.

"Cogent" is a perfectly good word; Short and to the point! It is, however, one of the more pretentious words in the English language. It is usually used by pundits who wish to appeal to highly educated elitists who are far more intelligent than the pundit. Enough said; Quite telling!

"Gravitas" is such a heavily laden dose of sobriety that only the most pretentious of pundits dare to use it. They can get by with it, however, when making comparisons between Hillary Clinton and Michele Bachmann. I've noticed that it is often used to disparage a younger woman who has yet to earn enough baggage under her eyes to qualify for a position that any good-haired man can easily snag.

Well so much for "retail politicking!" It does sound far cleaner than "pressing the flesh" or "glad-handing;" especially in this day and age. Watch out pundits, Wholesale politics is undercutting your latest stolen phrase!

So while the pundits speak of the "substantive" qualities we all are looking for in a candidate and the very qualities that they so sorely lack, we plain folks are just hoping to bite into some real meat. We are hungry for something of substance; Not just hot air and cutely coined phrases.

Please feel free to add you favorite overly used word or phrase to the comments below.

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