Monday, October 24, 2011

A fairy tale Gospel Where Everybody Lives Happily Ever After

Christian Universalism is an unorthodox, unbiblical, erroneous, and heretical doctrine that states that God will eventually bring everybody who has ever lived into a saving relationship with Him. It is the fanciful belief that everybody will eventually be saved because God is too kind and loving to condemn anyone to Hell.

Today I came across an interesting Christian Universalism article on The Christian Post "Is There Grace Beyond the Grave?"  The author, Diane Perkins Castro, believes that we all will get another chance to repent even after death and she wonders:

At the very end of his life, Muammar Gadhafi changed from an arrogant, ruthless tyrant to a terrified, whimpering child, just in the face of the wrath and judgment of men. What will he do before God Almighty?

In Ms. Castro's reality it would be rather foolish, if not downright stupid, to reject another chance at salvation once we've finally seen the truth of God after we die.

To insist that no unbeliever would ever turn to Christ after death, even if he were given the chance, is a tacit admission that something is not right: If we say that there is no chance to repent, then we find ourselves compelled to say that no one would take it anyway, because we recognize that if some would indeed ask for forgiveness, then it is unfair not to offer it. So the standard position is to maintain that no one who has rejected God in this life would ever receive Him in the next, even if he had the opportunity.

Yet that assertion flies in the face of common sense. For one thing, there will be no atheists after death. All the philosophical questions about the existence of God will go out the window when a person stands before the living God. And any illusions a person may have about his own goodness will be dispelled when he stands before the holy God. Those who rejected Him in this life thinking He was cruel will see that He is truly a loving God.

Apparently faith isn't part of Ms. Castro's salvation equation. As she correctly pointed out, after death there will be no questions left to ask so there's no need for faith either.

And what about justice? Does God's justice give a free pass after death to the world's worst despots? How does that work?

There are a number of very interesting comments to Ms. Castro's article that are well worth reading. I even took the title of this article from one of the comments.

Ms. Castro is feeling rather lonely because most of those commenting didn't buy into her fairy tale. Perhaps if she has been a far left theologian, she might have been able to pull it off? We can thank God that this one was easy to see through.

She responded to the comments a little while ago:

To GWS and Tam, Nice to see you here! As you can tell, it’s a bit lonely for me. Thank you both for giving me a hearing. The other commenters may not agree on what I’m wrong about, but they all agree that I’m “WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I am told I’m deceived, and it was even suggested that I have the spirit of antichrist. May God give us all a heart to know His truth and a mind to receive it with understanding.


  1. The time to discern "His Truth" and to develop a mind to receive it is BEFORE you die. Had Gadaffi repented while alive and sincerely asked for forgiveness of the Savior, he would have been pardoned.

    As Jesus said "No man comes to God save THROUGH Me." Wonder how Ms. Castro feels about that statement?

  2. Faultline, love your new look here. I must tell you that I have considered whether in the moments before death, no matter the evil in the person, God may give the person a true look at who He is. I would never believe that the second chance is after death, but before death, in those moments, it is possible that God reveals yet again, and would know the heart of the person, and if that heart in that instant is right, Grace can be received.

    I don't know that is right, I just think about it. Only He knows our heart. I think about it every time a prisoner is released from prison professing to have had a revelation. I know some have, and some have not.

    I think about the young adult person who has never paid much attention to Christianity. Just lived a decent life, without having much to do with a church. They have an auto accident in an instant. Does God reveal Himself in an instant and take that person as His own.

    I don't know, but to be clear, I would never believe salvation comes after death. In the moments before, I don't know, but I think about it.

  3. You say: "And what about justice? Does God's justice give a free pass after death ... "

    I wonder what you think about "justice" when a vile sinner throws himself on God's mercy moments before he dies. So what is so different about a vile sinner throwing himself on God's mercy a few moments AFTER he dies? Does God's love and God's mercy have a time limit?

  4. All the comments were wiped out at the Christian Post blogs
    and the UR are at it again boldly lying.....

  5. " Whatever hell is, we can be confident that if God made it, then it is good and has a good purpose." Diane Perkins Castro
    Wacky Wacky Wacky

  6. wow have you ever noticed that all those who are so confident that god does not save all feel very confident that they are definitely not among the lost this confidence verges on or surely seems to present itself as smugness
    when the author of the critique on hell by diane says hey
    what about justice what about obvious big criminals
    what does this reveal about the writers own heart and attiude
    he seems to feel less of a sinner than some is that biblical
    or humble is it selfrighteous proud i thank you god that i am not like them the person jesus described with this attitude did not go down to his house justified
    god is just and the justifier of the ungodly not the godly or the sorta kinda godly
    people who are so comfortable because they presume themselves to be saved nevertheless turn a cold shoulder to their relatives children who never repented for their own soul and saftey till they were sure god elected them or they elected god till then they would give themselves no rest they would be in spiritual in emotional agony yet considering the loss of billions of others they get over it alright they usually praise god for it
    imagining they do some service to god but god is not as cold or selfinterested as these
    instead of trying to save his own life he gave it up jesus
    numerically some any belief is held by a majority of people
    or professing christian people does not make it correct or orthodox dont put your faith in numbers dont listen to ministers pastors priests fathers in the faith jesus said call no
    human father listen to and believe only jesus listen onlly to his spirit all the bible even his words peters or pauls must be interpreted by the spirit the heart the attitude of jesus
    let this mind be in you that was also in messiah jesus
    anyone who says oh we know what this all means
    we know exactly what is orthodox because its right here in black and white in the text in the bible it clear to anyone with a reasonable mind
    this person is mistaken deluded or devious for jesus said
    that no one could know him apart from the fathers revealing him
    and that noone could know the father unless jesus revealed him
    messiah does this by the spirit
    father does this by the spirit
    without the life and insight given by the spirit all the words of scripure are dead letters cant give life nor correct understanding but are open to any and all misinterpretation
    may god be with you and bless you
    you may desire to read the inescapable love of god by thomas talbot
    love in the messiah who sincerly loves and is totally able and willing to save all
    in his love

  7. A fairy tale? The real thing is a million times better than any fairy tale!