Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ready For The REALLY BIG SHOW Thursday Night?

Ready For The REALLY BIG SHOW Thursday Night?

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Sorry folks.  If you are expecting anything of substance Thursday night from our currently serving President – FORGET ABOUT IT!

The whole thing is a show.  The President is using the “people’s house” as a backdrop for future election campaign commercials and a set-up to blame the GOP controlled House of representatives for every blessed thing wrong with the country that he cannot blame on George W. Bush.

The Congress should never have approved a joint resolution to allow Obama to come into their house and “dis” them as I expect he is about to do, either Thursday night, or very soon, in his campaign speeches and political ads.

We told our readers soon after Obama was elected that he was a puppet and had no clue what he was doing.  We referred to the movie ”The Candidate” in which the candidate utters the unforgettable line: “What Now?” upon winning his election.

Well, dear reader, we are living in a “told you so” moment.

We elected the least qualified man to ever inhabit the office of the President of the United States … and we did not expect THIS to happen?

If you are still looking for someone to blame for the god-awful shape America is in today, and you actually voted for Obama – then look in the mirror.  YOU DID THIS!   You cannot blame this on Bush, the Japanese earthquake, hurricanes, Osama bin Laden, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other straw you seem to be grasping at.  No.  This one is all YOURS.  So man-up -- and OWN IT!

The Obama Show we are all to be bombarded with, at least through the Sunday talking head shows, will be used as a bludgeon against the GOP by the mainstream media.  That is Obama’s intent. This is Chicago politics, folks.  They begin their campaigns with the gloves off.

I have to admit that I get chills down my spine every time I read or hear how badly the Republicans are going to defeat Obama in 2012.  Don’t believe it.  If Republicans win the Presidency in 2012 – it will be by the skin of their teeth!  No matter how bad the economy is, Obama’s shock troops, the labor unions, plus the mainstream media, and every “protected minority” in America will scratch and claw, while using every tool at their command, including the racism card, to see that Obama regains his seat in the Oval Office in November of 2012.

In the spirit of full disclosure: I am one of those SOB’s that union boss was railing about on Labor Day.  Oh, allow me to add that I am proud of it!

The one time in my life that I can recall saying something in support of labor unions, my father “backhanded” me right in the mouth.  In an instant, I found myself on my backside, on the floor, with two swollen lips and a spinning head.  I was in my teens at the time.  But I grew up and when I became a man, I put away childish things -- such as looking favorably upon labor unions.

The union’s thuggish crudity, on display this past Labor Day, only validates the attitude adjustment my father administered to this scribe many decades ago.

Conservative voters must be ready for a down and dirty, rolling in the gutter, bare-knuckle campaign from Obama that will seek not just to defeat GOP candidates but to utterly destroy those candidates. 

The Thursday address by Obama (before the Joint Session of Congress) is an in your face attempt at intimidating the GOP.  Obama is setting the stage to blame the Congress for not passing all the hair brained schemes he and his brain trusts have been able to come up with over the past few weeks.  In fact, I believe they are hoping against hope that the GOP will not pass a single item in his ”plan.”  A defeat of his plan would suit his purpose far more than even a partial victory.  Obama desperately needs SOMEONE – ANYONE – to blame for his total lack of leadership ability.

America is on the cusp of a double dip recession.  In fact, a number of economists think we are already in the second dip.  If we DO slip into that downward spiral again, the tough times America has suffered in the past few years will seem more like a golden age of plenty.  I can only hope this taste of American-style socialism will make Americans ever vigilant and defensive against another Obama-like candidate in the future.

In the meantime, get the popcorn and soda ready for the really big show Thursday night.  Oh.  You might want to have some “Pepto” at the ready,  as well.

J. D. Longstreet

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  1. One will need a supply of "Barf" bags for tonights dog and pony show.
    As to the Republicans getting down and dirty-- forget it because they don't know how. They have lost their guts and become a tribe of wussus allowing the Dems to beat them over the head on every little thing and all they can do is whine and cry. Bonehead is a perfect example. I can't wait th hear him and watch him sling snot and say, "Well We tried". BS he and the rest of the mainline GOP FAILED .Why because they really didn't want to upset the applecart of spending as usual. A handful of conservatives didn't have a chance in Hades but then again I didn't hear a lot of screaming from them either.
    Yep, JD, the Dems are hoping that the Republicans will not give Obama all his bag of paybacks and bribes. They can them have someone to blame for their continued failure and lack of a plan from their "leader".
    It's going to be an interesting coming few weeks.