Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Israel On The Brink

Israel On The Brink

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Israel is preparing to lose its friend to the south, Egypt.  Well, the fact is that Egypt was never a friend of Israel.  See, Egypt found that after at their much-vaunted military was defeated several times by Israel’s military, even when Egypt was allied with several other Islamic countries, maybe they had better seek someway to save face.  They did that with a peace treaty in 1979, which has held until the recent over throw of the Mubarak regime.  Now all bets are off. 

With the attack on Israel’s embassy in Cairo recently, Israel has no choice but to prepare for another attempt to wipe them out by their ancient foe from the south.

Just days ago, their former friend, Turkey, to the north, has decided they are no loner Israel’s friend. 

Now add to the mix the fact that the Palestinians are going to make a move (later this month) in the UN for Statehood, which they will not get, and Iran working around the clock to develop a nuclear bomb to strap to the nose cone of a missile aimed at Israel, and one can mentally see the mercury rising in a giant thermometer over the Middle East.

War is coming.  Anyone who doubts that is not dealing with the reality of the situation on the ground in that powder keg region.

It is unsettling to realize that the US government’s current administration will be partly to blame when the shooting starts.  What must be even more troubling for Israel, and for many Americans, is the fact that Obama might be President when Israel goes to war, again, just to defend its right to exist.

The Obama Administration has made no secret of its distaste for the state of Israel. US President, Obama, has made no secret of his favor toward the Islamic nations which have sworn to wipe Israel from the map.

As the war clouds gather, again, over the Holy Land, Americans must realize that there is no way for the United States to be uninvolved.  Even if Obama wishes to throw Israel to the Islamic wolves, he must protect the sea-lanes in the Middle East for the safe transport of oil for the US and so many other nations of the world. The US military WILL find itself in another shooting war in the Middle East, as if the three current wars were not enough.

Over the past weekend, Israel’s Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Middle East was currently “undergoing a political earthquake of historic proportions.”  He called on Israelis to “act coolly and with responsibility.”  However, history has taught us that no matter how responsibly Israel acts; it will not lessen the bloodlust of the surrounding Islamic states and would-be states to destroy the single democratic state in the region, which happens to be a Jewish state.

Earlier this year, during the so-called “Arab Spring” uprising, we warned that soon all that Arab/Islamic anger would be directed toward Israel. It took no crystal ball, or any prophetic skills, at all, to make that prediction. Any student of history could have drawn the same conclusion simply by studying the history of the region. 

In my opinion, the so-called Arab Street doesn’t have a clue whom they will be going up against when they attack Israel… again.  Yes, the average Arab is better educated today, and with the Internet, a goodly portion of them is fairly well up on current events. But how many of those, who will be cannon fodder for their Islamic leaders, have any idea that Israel is one of the leading military powers on earth? 

Israel not only has a nuclear arsenal, they have a second strike capability.  That means, it would behoove any nation seeking a nuclear first strike on Israel to know and understand that the second they press the nuclear button, they are doomed.  Their fate is sealed.

Egypt will soon be completely lost to Islamic extremists.  Once the dust settles in Libya, it, too, will be locked into the Islamofacist’s camp … AGAIN … as will Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as US troops depart those countries.

The world must realize it is facing a nuclear war in the Middle East.  Israel will not simply allow themselves to be overrun and wiped out.  Either Israel wins or the world faces the nuclear destruction of a huge portion of the Middle East.  Its called the “Samson Option” and it is ready and waiting.

Look.  This is a war that has been brewing for decades.  It will be horrible.  Should it go nuclear it will cause the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of Israel’s antagonists.  And, sadly, the decisive defeat of Israel’s enemies will only buy peace for Israel for a couple of decades … maybe.

J. D. Longstreet

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