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The Dangerous Dance of the UN and the US.

The Dangerous Dance of the UN and the US.
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Over the past few days as I have watched all the posturing and bleating at the United Nations I thought back to an article I wrote some five years ago.  I pulled it from my files and read over it again.  As I did, I realized that nothing had changed at the UN in those past five years … except … the noticeable increase in the fervor with which the UN General Assembly attempts to neuter the United States.

The current move to grant the so-called Palestinian people a state by a vote at the UN is as much a slap in the face of America as it is  “flipping the bird” in the face of Israel. It is as clear today as it was in 2007 (when I wrote the commentary below) that anti-Semitism is alive and well in Europe even after the blasphemous holocaust was committed on their shores in the last century.  We have come to expect it from much of the remainder of the world.  But to see it rear its ugly head, AGAIN, in Europe is, well, disgusting. 

There is an underlying reason for the theatre playing out in the UN today and the article below explores that movement and shines some light into the dark corners where disgusting things mutate and live on in today’s world.

Please read on.      J. D. Longstreet

The Free World –vs- The United Nations!

I had one of those epiphanies the other day, which seem to come at the oddest moments, but when they come… that little cartoonish light bulb, above one’s head, seems to glow ever so brightly.

Have you noticed that the same people who want Palestinians to over run Israel are the same people who want Mexicans to over-run the US?   Take a look for yourself.  Look at those who would have Israel give up her ancestral homeland to a bunch of nomadic rabble. Identify them. Then look at their stance on open borders with Mexico.  See?  There it is.  Right in front of our faces all the time.

Now, lets see if we can define these people.  One word comes to mind:  “Globalists”.

So what is the Philosophy of Globalism?  Globalism is a national geopolitical policy in which the entire world is regarded as the appropriate sphere for a state's influence 

Now, in case there was even the slightest doubt in your mind… I am not a globalist!  Far from it!  I am a nationalist!  I believe in my country, the United States of America.  And, like the generation behind me, I do not believe it is patriotic be “anti-American”.  That goes for a majority of our Congresspersons and Senators today. They’re from that hippie, dope smoking, anti-war, UN loving, ban the bomb, hug the trees, recycle, the earth is burning up, the sky is falling, and we’re all gonna drown, and, well, their fatalistic, and unrealistic, ideas go on and on.  Some of us think those ideas spring from minds damaged from all that Weed, and Cocaine, and Horse, and God only knows what else they inhaled, injected, and snorted, during the years in which most of us chose to grow up.

Anyway, if you had not noticed, there is a movement underway to get rid of all borders worldwide.  No more sovereign countries. Only one country… “The Earth”. Then One Government… The United Nations of the Earth!  Good GRIEF!  That ought to scare the living daylights out of any normal, sane, individual!  Unfortunately, those dope damaged brains we referenced a while ago have bought into this Utopian idea and have been pushing it, albeit, quietly, for decades now.  Every so often one hears the word “globalist” uttered aloud but there are long absences of the word from public discourse.   It is during those periods that I worry.
“Globalists don't seem to fear the U.N.'s meaninglessness. And with all their talk of peace, they also don't seem to fear the violence inevitably required to control the whole world.
There is an explanation for this lack of concern – and no, it doesn't involve conspiracy theories. We only need to understand the evolutionary faith of the secular worldview, and that faith's predictable yearning. Since there is no God (none they recognize), secular governments become the final moral authority in each society, the giver of all rights. To put it the communist way, "God is the state and the state is God." However, this belief system leaves secularists to deal with hundreds of little god-governments (and some are not so little), all with different "opinions" about right and wrong.”    (From: “Why the U.N. can never bring peace” by Bob Just.  Read the entire article at: THIS WEB SITE.)
My father was a man of few words.  If he was angry, as long as he was talking, he was harmless.  When he became quiet, all hell was about to break loose and someone was going to get hurt… almost always that person who opposed him.   I learned from my father to study those periods of quiet and prepare for defense before the imminent storm strikes.

Now, Israel owns the land the US government and the UN, and sundry other nations, are insisting Israel give away to the nomadic rabble today known as Palestinians. (There never was a Palestine.  But that is another article for another day.) The Jews were on that land thousands of years before those people we, today, call Palestinians ever showed up. It is Israel’s land.  Even if you do not believe that Israel has a right to that land as a gift from God, (as I do) you must see that ownership of a piece of land for thousands of years before even the birth of the ancestors of those who declare it is theirs (not Israel’s) today surely must convince you that ownership belongs to Israel!

Nevertheless, those who rewrite history have been busy for nearly six decades re-writing history to make the actual history of that piece of real estate fuzzy at best.  Now you know why.

Here on this side of the globe, the same people envision a North American continent populated with one people: “mexameridians” a people springing from Mexican, Americans, and Canadians.

Globalists dream of a world without borders. They dream of a “One-World Government.”  They claim, ultimately, it is the only way to have peace on the planet.  Their skewed vision, however, does not take into account all the nations, who do not share that dream and the fight they will put up to hold onto their sovereignty.  By fight, I mean war. They have not considered the blood and treasure, which will necessarily be spent in conquering an entire planet and holding much of that planet in “Occupation”.  They have yet to understand that globalism may be Their Dream, but for many countries on earth it is a nightmare. The US is one of those countries demanding its sovereignty while manifestly flaunting its national sword. 

Sitting at the apex of this grand scheme to conquer and occupy The Earth is… none other than the United Nations!  That “debating society” has turned into one of the gravest threats to humanity ever devised by the mind of man.   Eventually the free world will be at war with the United Nations.  Once again we will have a bi-polar world:  The Free World vs the United Nations.

So, as you listen to the declarations of diplomats, the world over, that concern the “Global Village”, understand that it is not true.  It is a dream, a power dream, of the powerful who covet more power.  Do not allow yourself to fall for their Utopian hallucinations.

J. D. Longstreet

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