Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Left Considers Patriotism Extreme

Left Considers Patriotism Extreme

The Attack On The Tea Party Has Begun

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Until fairly recently in America patriotism was defined asdevotion to one's own country and concern for its defense.”  Nationalism was considered “devotion to the interests or culture of one's nation.”  Both were, in my opinion, GOOD things.

No longer.

The political left has striven tirelessly over the past generation to push America into their dream of global governance, of a one-world government, and a world without borders. Add to this leftist hallucination -- socialism as the accepted form of world government and you have a perfect formula for a world continuously at war, of a world where famine wrecks havoc in backwards nations, a world where there are bloody religious conflicts, a world where financial uncertainty brings anarchy to the streets of major metropolitan areas around the globe.

Then remove the one nation that has for decades served as the guiding authority to a world seeking some kind of stability, and we have, well, we have the world we live in today.
In America, a group of citizens concerned that their government was no longer listening to them, was no longer responding to the real problems inside America and pressing Americans to accept the leftist dream of a socialist government and redistribution of the wealth of America, from Americans who earned their wealth to those who did not, said: “ENOUGH!”

That movement grew with the ferocity of an American prairie fire.  It grew from the grassroots of America and it spread from coast to coast and border to border in unbelievable rapidity. 

These Americans demanded that the US government constrain itself to the confines of the US Constitution. They further demanded frugality and common sense from our national legislature. And they made a promise, too.  They promised the politicians of the American republic that if they did not return to the fundamentals upon which America’s very foundation had been built, they would be replaced at the earliest election.

They called themselves the Tea Party, even though they were not, in truth, a political party so much as a political movement.  “TEA” in their name is an acronym.  It stands for: Taxed Enough, Already.”

They were not ashamed of their devotion to the Founding documents of America – the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution with all 27 of its amendments known as “The Bill of Rights.” And they were not afraid to express their love for their country, or their patriotism and their devotion to America’s unique culture, which was formed in a crucible containing bits of culture from most other nations of the world as well as from those ancient Americans we proudly refer to as Native Americans. 

Their fervor for a government defined by the constitution blind-sided the political left in the government, in the world of academia, in the mainstream media, in the religious community of America, and in all fifty states of the USA. 

The political right in America, which had adopted a “go along to get along” philosophy of governing, was caught flat-footed and sent reeling by the audacity of their tea party constituents who confronted them at every opportunity and told them, in no uncertain terms, to either shape-up, or they would be shipped-out at the next election. 

The “next election” occurred in November of 2010.  The Congress was turned on its head.  There was the largest turnover of seats in both houses in over 60 years!  It was monumental and it was historic.  The politicians, both left and right, who had discounted the Tea Party movement’s power and determination, were shocked with incredulity!  They had forgotten that the citizens of America are, indeed, AMERICANS!  Many of those politicians paid for their disbelief with their political careers prematurely ended.

Today, the political left is frightened witless of the Tea Party.  As another likely historic election approaches, in their fear they are lashing out in all directions! They are pointing their guilty fingers at the wholly American Tea Party movement with fantastic accusations blaming the Tea Party for everything from the biblical flood to the near financial collapse of America. 

The left KNOWs there is an accounting coming, in November of 2012, and THEY are on the wrong side of the of the argument over America’s future, either as a socialist nation or -- as a democratic representative government that listens and responds to the voice of its people.

With each accusation from the left, the Tea Party movement grows in strength, in numbers, and in its determination to purge the US government of those who would impose a European-style socialist government and culture on Americans.  The defenders of an “open borders” policy for America will be shown the door and removed from office.  Those politicians who seek to continually enlarge the government, and increase its intrusion into the lives of Americans, ought to be searching the want ads for employment for they will most certainly be without jobs in November of 2012.

Between now and the election in 2012, the democrats, the political left in the press, and the limousine liberals and progressives, with their mountains of money, will attack the Tea Party directly, and indirectly with front organizations funded by huge infusions of cash from the super-rich leftist power brokers from around the globe. In fact, the counter attack by the left has already begun. 

If there is any doubt, listen for the same phrase or phrases used by the democrats, the media, the academics, and the leftist entertainment moguls.  Pay attention to how it is used over and over again (changing every few days) to defame the Tea Party movement.  The repeated use of the same phrase in interviews, in press releases, by journalists and columnists, in TV programs, in movies, and even from the pulpit, is all the evidence you need to recognize it as a planned, coordinated attack in the left’s attempt to crush or emasculate the Tea Party.

Far from being a deterrent to good government in America, the Tea Party has brought some sanity back to Washington, DC.  They deserve accolades, not accusations, and they deserve -- and -- need the support of Americans who desire a free and prosperous America once again.

J. D. Longstreet

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