Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EPA To Turn America’s Lights And A/C Off!

EPA To Turn America’s Lights And A/C Off!
Singled-handedly forces America into 3rd World status
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Not only will the EPA’s new ruling force Americans to turn off their lights and air conditioning, it is going to shutdown a HUGE portion of the coal-fueled power plants across America, causing massive lay-offs and running America’s already astronomically high unemployment rate into outer space!

Look.  We Americans are going to have to take the reins in our teeth and see to it this rogue agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, is abolished… forever! 

I want to hear a Presidential candidate climb up on the stump and proclaim that if elected President he/she will see to it that the EPA is – not cut back- not reined in—SHUTDOWN, abolished, consigned to the dustbin of history

You may recall that our currently vacationing President told us this was coming IF he became President.  He told us electricity prices would “necessary skyrocket.”  Well, here it is.

Apparently, Mr. Obama and his legion of old hippies in the EPA have finally screwed-up enough chutzpah to shove their new regulations down the throats of the power companies and they have managed to do immeasurable harm to the economy of the United States. 

It is looking more an more as if the Obama team actually DOES believe that Obama is a one-term president and they intend to do as much damage to America as they can before they and he are booted out of the White House by the outraged American electorate.

Now is the time… today … to contact your congressperson and your senators and demand that the EPA is forced to roll back this catastrophic ruling.  Congress must step in and stop this destructive move by the EPA.

Talk about a “Nanny State!”  The EPA is justifying their move by claiming the following:  “The EPA projected the rule will save up to 34,000 lives a year and prevent more than 400,000 asthma attacks as well as 19,000 admissions to hospitals.”  (Read the entire article HERE.

The article goes on to say:  “Nationwide, the EPA estimated that utilities are projected to spend $800 million on the rule in 2014, in addition to $1.6 billion a year that's been spent to satisfy an earlier version of the regulations.
But the EPA estimates the nation will see $120 billion to $280 billion in annual health and welfare benefits beginning in 2014. (Read the entire article HERE.)

The first phase of compliance hits utilities in 2012.  That means, of course, it will also hit Americans in the pocketbook beginning early in 2012.

How much more must America suffer at the hands of an agency run amuck?  Is THIS the straw that will, finally, break the camel’s back? 

If the Congress of the United States is serious about helping America regain a healthy economy, the very first thing they should do, when they return from their August vacation, is to STOP this EPA regulation and take the necessary action to completely strip the EPA of all it’s power and close and shutter that agency’s doors … forever.

Getting rid of the EPA would hardly put a dent in the government’s micromanagement of American life.  But – it would be a start.
J. D. Longstreet

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