Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beware Of Those Angry Americans

Beware Of Those Angry Americans

Democrats have nothing to offer but FEAR

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Over the past two and a half years there has been a blanket of fear suffocating America.  The Congress has taken America to the brink time after time after time.  It was, and remains, a strategy of the democrats to get their polices passed into law.  It has worked, up to now, because the nation’s mainstream media, the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, has aided and abetted their heroes on the left by spewing that fear from their printing presses and their news anchor desks. 

So far, only one segment of America has actually been frozen by their torrent of fear -- America’s business community.  The American populace is, by and large, not afraid.  They are mad as hell!

America’s pollsters tell us that Americans are every bit as mad as they were before the elections in November of 2010 and we should look for massive turn-overs in the House, the Senate, and quite possibly the Oval Office, as well, in the election of 2011.

The Democratic Party is still relying on its reservoir of minorities, leftist wing-nuts, labor unions, uber liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists, and communists to push their candidates across the finish line to victory in 2012.  They can count on the votes of every leftist fringe group under the sun to march to the polls in lock step and cast a vote for the Democratic Party’s socialist agenda.

Their campaign of fear, aimed at senior Americans and that huge minority group that is a ward of the government and cannot, or will not, feed themselves without the government check each month, and yes, the Latino voters who still believe that illegal aliens will get a free ride to citizenship even though those illegals are already law-breakers, will certainly payoff at the polls.


Ignorance, avarice, sloth, greed – take your pick, or add a few reasons to the list.

The GOP, especially conservative republicans, have a HUGE mountain to climb next year to claim victory at the polls.

So what to do?  How do you fight fear and ignorance?  You fight it with truth.  Expose the democrats for what they are.  Use their own words and deeds against them.  Pull back the drapes, open the blinds, and shine a little sunshine into the room and watch the roaches scurry for cover.

Ask the question:  “Are you better off today than you were in 2008?”  Millions upon millions of Obama’s words are out there ready to be used as swords of truth cutting to the marrow.  Our President loves the sound of his own voice.  Get between him and a microphone, or camera, and you are likely to be trampled!   Compare the Democratic Party’s promises against what they actually delivered.  Facts are, indeed, stubborn things. 

It is important to remember this:  Truth has no agenda.  Republicans should stick to the truth.  Only produce facts that can be proven. 

As we said earlier, Americans are angry.  They see through the crisis and fear agenda of the Democratic Party and they are sick to death of it.  They want o have a leader they can have confidence in.  A leader who exudes calm certitude based on years of experience as a Chief Executive Officer of a state, a governor for instance.  They are looking for someone with a proven record of performance and someone who will produce his, or her, birth certificate up front.

Americans have been lied to, used, kept in doubt and anxiety by the current administration, until they are more than ready to throw of the yoke of oppressive uncertainty

I am old enough to remember, very well, the Eisenhower Administration.  The early 50’s was another time when Americans were tired.  The Great Depression, FDR, and world events such as World War Two, had jerked them around.  Then came the Truman Administration and the Korean War, (which the democrats referred to as a  “UN Police Action.”)  They were tired and not a little angry.

Ike came along and promised the American people that if elected he would “bring the boys home” from Korea.  He was, he did, and then -- he played golf for the remainder of his first term and continued his tour of the links during his second term. 

Ike could, and often did, wax white-hot with anger … in private.  But in public he was as calm as a duck on water.  Rarely ever did one see even a flicker of anger.  He was convinced the American people needed some tranquility, some quiet certitude, and he gave it to us.  The decade of the 1950’s was one of the most prosperous times in America’s history.

Americans long for that kind of leadership again.  We may never find it.  The world has changed.  People have changed.  Events move far too quickly for human comprehension these days.  With 24-hour news, computers, the Internet, and every kind of hand held appliance dripping information from around the world, there is no longer day and night.  Every thing is crowding in upon us.  PTSD is the order of the day.  We don’t have time to sort things out, time to reflect, time to grieve, time to just be quiet and shut the world out and simply allow our minds to slip into neutral and just, well, rest. 

Honestly, I think the world is on the brink of a nervous breakdown!  The anger, the unrest, the riots, the wars all over the globe, the starvation caused by both wars and famine and by those who see withholding food as power over the people – all of it just screams lunacy!

Then, too, there is the fear of a coming religious war between Islam and every other religion on the planet.  We all know it is bound to happen, and yet, we try not to think about it, speak about it, or write about it. It IS coming and it will be a war with no quarter.  Some say it has already begun.

It is simply too much.  And yes, Americans are angry, but it is not just Americans.  The world is on a slow boil.

However, Americans, ever optimistic, will have a chance to bring some sanity back to their land next year in the elections of 2011. Believe me when I predict that -- not a single politician holding office today in our nation’s capitol is safe from being sent packing.

Americans are beginning to focus their anger on what they perceive as the root cause – our very own government -- and THAT we CAN change.

J. D. Longstreet    

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