Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama Set To Win In 2012

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

As much as it grieves me to say it, I am STILL convinced that President Obama will win a second term as President of the United States in November of 2012.  His win will be followed by the collapse of the United States, as we have known it since it’s founding.  Yeah, I know the Gallup pollsters say their poll shows that any GENERIC republican candidate can beat Obama.  The key word there is G E N E R I Cnot one of the republican candidates running today.

Call it pessimism on my part if you choose.  Instead, I would describe my “prognostication” as a realistic look at our future as a representative republic.

In fact, Americans can forget about continuing as a constitutional representative republic. Obama, it seems, is the chosen one to lead America into all out socialism.  In fact, if you like where America is today, you’re going love the hellhole Obama is leading us into!

I have mentioned before that when I want to get a feel for the thinking in my small community I head for my barbershop.  I went today.  The general feeling is that any one who supports, or votes, for Obama is in desperate need of an immediate evaluation of their mental health.  In my part of the south, it is generally accepted that you must be crazy to support Obama.  But, we all grudgingly agreed that he would probably be reelected in November of 2012 because Americans are, obviously, crazy!

Taking an objective viewpoint, however, one must admit that republicans simply do not have a candidate in the race that conservative voters have any confidence can actually WIN the race, and even if he did, would be very different from Obama in his, or her, political philosophy.   THAT is a sad commentary on just how far America has fallen from the pinnacle of greatness as a freedom-loving nation.

Two things:  A Pope once said:  “When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can count on support from Paul.”  The democrats are counting on “Paul” – and they will get his support.

The other thing is – as soon as a people learn they can vote themselves money from their nation’s treasury, that nation is done for.  I didn’t say that.  Someone, far wiser than I, did.  And it is spot on. 

We, the American people, have drained our treasury dry.  Oh, we can blame our politicians, but, hey, this is America!  We put them in office, and WE kept them in office term after term after term… until there is nothing left for them to wring from the nation’s cash box.

As we watch the three-ring circus that is our national leadership haggling with each other over tax hikes versus spending cuts in order to raise the nation’s debt ceiling… it would be laughable… if it were not so TERRIBLE!

The fact is this:  The debt ceiling WILL BE RAISED!  I know it, they know it, and, surely, you MUST know it, too.  It is unavoidable.  It WILL happen. 

Raising taxes on a people as strapped for cash as Americans are today is nothing short of crazy!  Oh, the dems declare they are only going to tax big business and millionaires.  I have news for you.  Neither big business nor millionaires pay taxes. They simply pass the increase in taxes along to their consumers in the price of the goods and services they supply and WE, you and I, the peons, have the great honor of actually paying those taxes!  That is the way it works.

Americans who work for a living carry the tax burden for practically everyone else in America. So don’t be suckered into believing the garbage, the raw bovine scatology, spewing from the democrats in Washington. 

Look.  I was reared in a company town.  The entire economy was built around the largest industry in that town.  When the employees of that plant received a raise in their wages – the prices in the town went up by the exact same salary percentage!  The merchants were charging what the market could bear. It is the way of things – the way of business. Do not think, for one instance, business will not pass Obama’s proposed tax hikes along to you and I.  There is simply no way the government can raise the taxes of big business without it affecting every American … period!

See – THIS is reality.  It is not the fantasy the American people are being sold day after day by the democrats in Washington and their propaganda machine, the American mainstream media.

I mention reality because Americans absolutely must get a grip!  We must accept reality and make the hard choices that MUST be made to save our nation. 

Let me be as clear as I know how:  The choices WILL be made, either by us, or by someone else -- someone who has way less interest in our welfare that we do!

We are at the cliff’s edge.  To continue our current coarse will bring certain disaster.  We have a very small window, indeed, to make humongous decisions about the continued existence of America as a free nation.

Reelecting Obama will only drive America off the cliff to its doom.

J. D. Longstreet 

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