Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama Is In Over His Head … Again!

Obama Is In Over His Head … Again!

Debt Default = Impeachment of Obama?

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

A few days ago my friend and fellow blogger Alan Caruba suggested the possible impeachment of President Obama.  Now the “I” word is being floated around the halls of Congress and on the social networks of the Internet.  Don’t expect to hear it anytime soon in the mainstream media, though. 

Earlier this week, Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa tweeted the following:  “STOP talking about default. The 1st dime of each $1 of revenue services debt. Obama would be impeached if he blocked debt payments. C C & B!”

Tim Scott, Republican Congressman from my home state of South Carolina, has made it clear that he believes should Obama attempt to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval it would make him (Obama) subject to impeachment.

What this signifies, I believe, is the utter frustration of a nation, which is, for all intents and purposes, without leadership.

We have a President, dear reader, in over his head.   It is clear that Obama is out of his depth.  Somehow he has managed to splash from the shallow end into the deep end -- and he is foundering.

What we are seeing from the Oval Office today is exactly what we warned of before the election.  We told you then Obama was the least qualified candidate to be President we had ever seen in our lifetime.

But he can talk!  Heck, Yeah!  Why, he can “bloviate” with the best of ‘em!

Look.  Just because one can string words and phrases together and deliver them in an awe inspiring, even a motivational and inspirational manner, does not mean one is a leader.  No!  It means he is an orator!  Nothing more. Often we find great leaders who are terrible public speakers. 

The ability to deliver a rousing speech does not signify the speaker is a great intellect, either.  It is a common mistake to believe that every great orator is an uncommonly smart person.

However, a shrewd speaker can use his/her gift to motivate an audience to do his/her bidding.  We used to call those people:  “Snake Oil Salesmen.”  In my opinion, back in 2008, Americans bought a hell of a lot of snake oil!  Now we are REALLY paying for it!

Obama has a track record, throughout his presidency, of handing off a problem, when the going gets tough, and then taking credit when the problem is solved, one way or the other.  It would appear that is exactly what he has done on the debt ceiling and spending cut problem.  This time, however, it seems to be backfiring. 

Obama, never out of campaign mode, and finding his poll numbers dropping like a stone, has suddenly found that not being a part of the problem solving operations now underway on the debt ceiling, is scrambling to get himself before the public and offer some flowery oration about the importance of the Congress getting a bill to him that he can sign, thus solving the problem, is activating his propaganda legions in the mainstream media and taking to the airwaves, in near panic, hoping to save his chances at a second term as President.  Be prepared to see a lot of that in the next few days.

I happen to agree with conservative legislators who claim there will be no default -- unless Obama wants there to be a default.  From the White House’s most recent moves, it appears the Obama team has finally realized the error of that line of thinking and are now, themselves, frightened that the government might, indeed, stumble into a real default and -- ultimately the American people will hold Obama responsible.

That won’t do, at all, for a man who covets a second term as US President.

I expect a bill will soon be on the President’s desk awaiting his signature.  In all likelihood it will be a bill he will not like but will avoid, at least temporarily, a default.  Will he sign it?  Truthfully?  I haven’t a clue WHAT this President might do.

J. D. Longstreet

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  1. You can't "Impeach" an illegal President, you have to arrest the imposter.Obama is qualified for what he is here to do, destroy America. Speaker with a teleprompter who goes blank when it goes off is not an orator, he's a puppet. Congress has 87 socialists sitting in it, they go along with everything he does. George Soros is his advisor so that explains a lot