Thursday, May 05, 2011

Obama Treats Americans As “Sheeple!”

Obama Treats Americans As “Sheeple!”
Congress Provided With “FAKE” Photo?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Obama, the leader of the Marxist division of the US government, just does not believe the American people can handle seeing a photograph of the dead Osama Bin Laden.  He apparently believes we are too simple minded, too sensitive, too easily frightened of and by violence, too easily traumatized by war to be allowed to view the photos of a dead Bin Laden. 

HE IS DEAD WRONG!  Heck, I’d like to stand over the body, which is supposedly now fish food in the Arabian Sea.  Believe me when I say, I would have preferred to have Bin Laden’s body on public display at Ground Zero in New York than given a proper funeral and buried at sea. 

The man was a monster who took the lives of thousands of Americans with that attack on American soil, and is responsible for many, many, more American deaths all around the globe.

Darn right, I want to see the photograph!   Rest assured, we WILL see it soon.  There is no way the government can keep it locked away. It will pop-up soon on the Internet.

Look, when Saddam Hussein was hanged, and the video published to the web, I watched that video three or four times.

What REALLY irks me about Obama’s withholding the Osama photo, is the way, we, the American people are being treated by him (Obama), and his elite, snobbish, limp-wristed bunch of socialist-marxist effete posers who seem to believe they know better what is best for the American people than the American people, themselves, do.  But that is how Socialism-Marxism works. (Get rid of Obama in 2012 – or get used to it.  It will only get worse.) 

What we have here is a prime example of just exactly how the left views the American citizen.  It is obvious they see us as child-like, unable to think for ourselves and totally dependent upon them, our betters, to shepherd us as though we were, indeed, sheep, one of the dumbest animals on God’s green earth!

Remember, these are the people who ban the playing of “Tag” and “Dodge Ball” on the playground of our children’s schools while they teach them Marxist principles within the classrooms. 

We have warned for years that America has been rearing a generation of wussies! Now, we know that not only did we raise them, heck, we placed them in the White House and the “West Wing” executive offices of the Obama Administration! (I wonder if anyone fainted in the Situation Room, as they watched live coverage of the Bin Laden take down?)

I can’t wait for the 2012 election.  I am primed to vote for a candidate with some backbone. Frankly, I want a male in the Oval Office, an Alpha male, who will reassert America’s masculinity.  I am more than a little tired of the Democrats feminine approach to governing. America needs a LEADER.  In fact, we need a military man as President of the US during this time of war – a war that has no perceptible end.

It is painfully obvious to anyone, not of the political left, that America does not have a real leader in Obama.  What we DO have is a narcissistic, self centered, socialist-Marxist, who views himself as a member of the political elite upper class deserving of all the worship and praise HE THINKS HE SHOULD HAVE and all the perks America can provide for his reigning queen.  It is embarrassing to the average American. 

The death of Bin Laden is a victory for the American people.  It is a victory for the brave men of the US Special Forces and we demand to see the evidence that will, once and for all, close the books on the hellish evil of the man responsible for the deaths of so many of our fellow Americans.

We all know that, eventually, the “death photo” of Bin Laden will appear, most likely on the Internet, having been leaked by someone (most likely) in the government.  Already, one international news service is presenting photos of other terrorists killed in the Obama raid, which were reportedly sold to them by a Pakistani official.  You have to believe that money is being offered, even as we write, to anyone who can slip a copy of that banned photo to the various branches of the media.  It will be published – count on it.

This effort on the part of Obama’s handlers to gain political points in the polls for their ceaselessly campaigning President WILL back fire.  Indeed, it already has.

Seems to me a “grown-up” President would have announced that American forces located and dispatched Osama Bin Laden and that his body had been disposed of in an undisclosed location.  Period.  By going farther, in hopes of gaining temporary up spikes in the polls, the door was kicked open to everything happening today.  This bespeaks the amateurism in the White House.

Yes, I am troubled by Obama not allowing Americans to see the photo, but I am far more troubled by this demonstration of just how little regard he has for the people he is supposed to serve.

J. D. Longstreet

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