Monday, May 23, 2011

Isaac -vs- Ishmael Feud Continues

Isaac -vs- Ishmael Feud Continues

Obama Favors Ishmael

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


“And so the family feud goes on.  Nothing much has changed since Abraham booted Ishmael out of his camp and anointed Isaac, his son by Sarah, the birthright. The death and destruction we see today, in 2008, can be traced directly back to that incident, thousands of years ago.

It is foolish to even consider brokering a peace between those two half-brothers.  It is the height of arrogance to believe one can bring peace between the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael. 

As a gentle reminder we refer you to the scripture from The Bible: Genesis 17:18,19 “And Abraham said unto God, O that Ishmael might live before thee! And God said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shall call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him”. 

From the Koran:
Koran = 19:54 “Also mention in the Book [the story of] Ishmael: He was [strictly] true to what he promised, and he was a messenger [and] a prophet”.
And, again, from The Bible: 
Genesis 16:12 “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him."

As we watch the continuation of this on-going struggle play out before our very eyes on the TV screens today, we must remember that this is only a continuation the feud between these two peoples who have fought for thousands of years. 

No matter how this discussion(?) ends, the struggle will not end here.  It will go on. No matter what the US does, or what the United Nations does, or what the European Union does, nothing will change.  Only God can end this combat, which is fueled by jealous rage. The Jews and the Muslims have two different philosophies of life and religion.  One leads to freedom and life and the other leads to bondage and death.”  (Read the entire article HERE.)

Last week President Obama broke one of the cardinal rules of life. He stepped between two relatives fighting.  Common sense dictates that one never does that!

As a police officer, back in my misspent youth, I dreaded a domestic violence call worse than any other type of disturbance.  The police officer is required to insert himself into the fray, and get between the two warring parties.  Not only is it dangerous, the officer will be perceived as “taking sides” no matter what the outcome. 

Obama is, today, perceived as “taking sides” especially in Israel, and America is the loser as a result.

To put it frankly, and yes, bluntly, Obama’s “one upsmanship” just plain sucks!”

Rushing to get ahead of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, before Netanyahu could deliver his speech to a joint assembly of the US Congress was, well, infantile.  It underscores just how incapable our President is when dealing with foreign powers.  Especially, if that foreign power happens to be involved in a tussle with Muslims -- as is Israel.   Obama and his lackeys can dispute it and deny it as much as they like, there is simply no way they will ever be able to whitewash Mr., Obama’s empathy for Muslims.  I mean -- his middle name is that of a MuslimHussein. 

Mr. Netanyahu is no pushover and Obama’s attempt to “roll” him will likely blow-up in Obama’s face.  Rest assured, there will be a price to pay for Obama, and the democrats, at the polls.  If nothing else good comes of this fiasco, then the majority of Americans, whose empathy DOES lie with Israel, will be pleased.

Obama’s emboldening of the so-called Palestinians will only lead to more bloodshed in Israel.  The deaths can only be laid at the doorstep of the Obama Administration. 

To think we will have Obama as President for six more years should cause every freedom loving American to shudder.  Especially now that we learn Pakistan has invited China to build a new naval base along Pakistan’s southwestern seacoast – AND -- we learn that Vladimir Putin has decided to become President of Russia –AGAIN.  Can you imagine how easily Putin can, and will, manipulate Obama?

With the US and China headed for an inevitable war do we really want someone who makes such “dumb” mistakes as Obama made last week with Israel?  Surely, you don’t even have to think about itGod help us all if you do!

J. D. Longstreet    

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