Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cell Phones And The Federal Government

Cell Phones And The Federal Government
Government Propaganda/Tracking Devices?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Like many men, I wear my cell phone in a holster on my belt.  It goes where I go and it remains in the same room in which I sleep every night.  If you want to know where I am… just find my cell phone. 

It is easy enough to track me as the phone emits a signal, which shows my geographical location, continuously, even now.  The only way I have found to defeat that GPS locater system is to remove the battery.

Up to now, when I didn’t want to be reached, I simply turned the phone off.  Now, however, with the federal government about to enter the business of contacting me whenever they want and knowing my whereabouts 24 hours a day, I will have to turn off the phone AND, I repeat, AND -- REMOVE THE BATTERY!

If you are still with me, enduring my paranoid rant, and you STILL don’t know what I am venting about, go HERE.

OK.  I’ll give you the short version:  The federal government is about to begin calling cell phones with what they believe are important messages about terrorism, weather, amber alerts, etc.  Why, heck, they’re going to call you when the President wants you to hear one of his pre-recorded messages.  Oh, JOY!

Look: I don’t trust the federal government. More so than ever now that the executive branch and half of the Congress is under the control of Socialists. 

We are in the early stages of the creation of a “police state” in America. “If you see something – say something.”  Rat on your neighbors and your government will thank you.  And now we arrive at a point in this downward spiral of freedom at which the federal government will be able to track us without the fabled chips under our skin.  They may simply use our cell phones, which most Americans seem to have grafted to their ears.

You may think this is a case of paranoia, if you choose, but we warned this was going to happen, rather a long time ago, in our previous scribblings.  Now it is here. 

Just because you are paranoid – doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you! And when they are out to get you, paranoia is just darned good thinking!

I hope you have read the article to which we supplied the link above.  If not you need to do so now.  As you read … notice how you may opt out of the first two messages but you cannot opt out of a presidential message.  See that?  All American cell phone users must hear a pre-recorded message from “Dear Leader Obama.” 

Allow me to ask: If we can opt out of the other two messages, why, in the dickens, is it so darned important to install this system in the first place?  Oh, the answer is simple – so we can all be blessed by the sound of our Dear Leader’s supreme oratory telling us what a GREAT MAN he is and why everything he is doing is for the CHILDREN and for our own good.  Jeez, I HATE THAT!  I am fed up with the mealy-mouthed hypocrisy of the socialist-democrats.  Their condescending “Bovine Scatology” has been made into an art form for use against the weak-minded followers of their political philosophy.

What we have here -- is NOT a failure to communicate, but a federal government propaganda machine.  We are beginning to look more and more like World War Two Germany under the Nazis -- only hi-tech.

This just another freedom being taken away.  Which freedom?  The freedom to just be left alone!  It is the reason my Confederate ancestors went to war against a repressive US governmentThey wanted only to be let alone to run their own affairs.  So do I.  So do millions of Americans. But the same US government that rained death and destruction down on the Confederacy has now reached heights of repression even the southern Americans of the 1860’s could not fathom.

Just a few weeks ago, when that swarm of tornadoes swept through my state, North Carolina, a few minutes after the storm had passed, our phone rang and it was the 911 center telling us to be alert we were under a tornado watch!  See how efficient and effective that can be.  It was, and is, totally useless! 

So, I am done with cell phones.

Look, America.  Our federal government has grown entirely too big, and too intrusive -- by far.    And believe me when I say, they have only just begun to get into our business.  

When that “accursed ObamaCare” kicks in, the federal government will be able to enter our homes, without a warrant, to insure our compliance to federal mandates.  Did you know that?  No part of our life: living, eating, sleeping, recreating, sexual intercourse, raising the resulting children, schooling those kids, what you eat, what you drive, where and how you drive, what you wear, which church you attend, and yes – how you VOTE! 

We won’t need two political parties; we will have only one – the socialist/communist party …  you know, like the old Socialist Soviet Union in what we know today as Russia.

May God help us, America, because we are just too dumb to help ourselves.  History will record the suicide of the great United States of America right alongside the exact same story of that other great nation, Rome.  America is following every twist and turn the Romans made on their way to ruin as though it were a road map.  And it is a road map to destruction.

Uh-oh.  My phone is ringing.  Could it be Obama?  ALREADY?  Gotta get the cussed battery out of that thing!

J. D. Longstreet

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