Friday, April 15, 2011

Possible GOP/Tea Party Presidential Ticket: Trump/West?

Possible GOP/Tea Party Presidential Ticket:  Trump/West?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

OK.  Before you go all “union” on me – allow me to explain that I am, like most of you, I suspect, trying to get my head around the question of who the GOP is going to actually run as their candidate for the Office of President and Vice-President in 2012. Right now, I suspect, you are as confused as “yours truly.” 

We conservatives are still looking for the “dark horse” candidate to appear and give us a reason to get excited about the 2012 election so we can stoke the fires that will drive our candidate across the finish line in victory and try to bring some sanity back to our federal government in Washington, DC.

Lately, the name of Congressman Allen West of Florida has been persistently popping up on blogs, in the news, and on talk shows. 

Recently it was report that “It seems Florida Rep. Allen West is considering joining potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a bid for president.”  Congressman West is reported to have said: “Who knows what’s going to happen,” Mr. West said “If the people think that I have an ability to continue my service of my country in a different capacity, first of all we gotta talk to God, we gotta talk to my family, we gotta talk to the constituents.”  (Read the entire article HERE.)

Possible candidate Donald Trump is set to speak at a Tea Party gathering in West’s state of Florida in the near future.

It seems Mr. Trump has little chance of getting the Republican nomination as the Presidential candidate and it has been reported that some GOP leaders ARE considering West as a Vice-Presidential candidate, a running mate for the candidate chosen to carry the Republican banner in the campaign for President. 

That said, the Tea Party is seriously looking at BOTH men as possible Presidential candidates.  Both men are conservatives and Trump has been giving voice to the Tea Party’s platform.  He seems a much better fit as a Tea Party candidate than a GOP candidate.  But, he has publicly stated that his candidacy as a Tea Party candidate might result in splitting the conservative vote and usher Obama back into the Oval Office for a second term.  Trump does not want that and, it goes without saying, the conservative electorate does not want that, either.  In fact it is their worst nightmare.

Congressman West has made it clear that he did not want his comments to be interpreted as an endorsement of Trump.  In fact, he says he has no plans to endorse any candidate.

But the buzz about West as a presidential candidate is persistent and it is growing louder and more enthusiastic.

The American Thinker blog has asked the question:  “The Next Black President?”  In the article the thinker says:  “ Newly elected Allen West's conservative message has already made him a target of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. West's crime?  Expressing what the left would define as a racist opinion:  That America is presently in the business of making "more victims" and will not survive if we continue to foster Obama's "bureaucratic nanny state."

The keynote speaker at the 2011 CPAC, Colonel West did not exploit podium time to harp on racial, social or economic 'injustice,' but instead spoke of tried and true conservative concepts like "effective and efficient constitutional government, peace through strength, and staying true to...American values."

West's speech touched upon the tragedy of American culture being "subservient to multiculturalism," the need for America to promptly dispose of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the travesty of granting Constitutional rights to terrorists, and how the United States must always remain faithful to Israel.” (Read the entire article HERE.)

 The article closes with this profound statement:  Now as 2012 approaches, new voices offer a message of genuine "hope" and positive "change." On the horizon, the "dawn of a new America" approaches and with it comes a unique opportunity to replace America's first black president with a man who, secondary to being a patriotic American, just happens to be black.”  (SOURCE)

I, for one, will, most certainly, be scrutinizing Congressman West’s qualifications over the next weeks and months for my own edification and I suggest you do the same.

America has fallen on perilous times and we desperately need a conservative leader as President -- and conservative leadership in both houses of the Congress if we have any hope of rescuing America from the clutches of the terminal illness called socialism.

Judging from what I have read, so far, about Congressman Allen West he is certainly a man worthy of consideration by conservatives as a candidate for the top office in the US government.

J. D. Longstreet


  1. this is a very good team up.
    it is the 'Birther'/Constitutionality of B.Soetoro issue, the failing American economy issue, & the Military & Serious muslim threat issue ALL on the 2012 ticket.

    They need to take up the court marshal & JAILING of Lt.Col. Terry Lakin at once to cinch it!!

  2. Trump is as liberal as Obama so there is no difference there.

    I feel that Trump will quit and this is all a publicity stunt.

  3. Why is everyone overlooking Herman Cain? He is an excellent business man, not as rich as Trump, but certainly has the experience and intelligence to understand what needs to be done on the budgetary level. He is a TRUE conservative and is not afraid to speak his mind as he has done for a number of years on his radio program.
    Team him with Bauchmann and you have a ticket that can't be beaten by the left.