Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama’s War in Libya Now A Quagmire

Obama’s War in Libya Now A Quagmire

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It was headed in that direction from day one.  The war in Libya, I mean.  Only a fool could have missed it.  All the markers were there.  But as the wise men of old told us:  “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”   I think what the ancient wisdom is saying is there are none so blind as those who are too arrogant to see.

The US had no business involved with the Libyan mess.  Well, how the heck did we get involved, anyway?  Glad you asked.

See, we Americans made a ghastly error in 2008 and we elected a man to the presidency who does not believe in American exceptionalism.  He felt and, apparently, still feels, that America ought not lead in world affairs and that we must bring America down to the level of other nations and instead of leading allow someone… anyone … else to lead. Well, we all see how great that worked out, now, don’t we?

Look.  There was a reason America was the world leader -- and must be again -- if there is to be any hope of anything remotely resembling peace on this globe.  We were, and (for now) remain the “biggest and the baddest” dude on the block.  No bragging here.  It is a fact.  America is the guy in your squad you want next to you in a firefight. (Combat veterans will know exactly what I am saying.)

Until 2008, America’s leadership had the skills to understand America’s power and how to apply that power to produce the results it wanted with the least amount of damage. Frankly, there is no leadership in Washington today.  All we have are followers.

Our fearless leader, Obama, in a state of “constant campaign”, has no time to actually study world affairs, and apply the wisdom of his predecessors, he handed the Libyan crisis off to our good friends the French (?) and the Mother Country, the UK, and eventually, an organization that has never been able to completely agree on anything, NATO.  By the way:  NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  Do you realize some of the countries in NATO today can’t find the North Atlantic without the aid of a map?

After America kicked Gaddafi’s door in for our friends to establish a “no-fly zone.”  America, unwilling to take the leadership, went home leaving the Libyan mess in the hands of, well, you know. It was at that moment that things fell apart. 

But our fearless leader cannot be bothered. Gambling on somebody, anybody (?), getting a bead on Gaddafi and taking him out and bringing the conflict to a speedy end, Obama hit the campaign money trail where he remains today.

And so, the Libyan campaign went into spiral mode, with the rebels circling the drain.

Gaddafi is embarrassing NATO, and Obama, by remaining alive and delivering withering attacks on the rebels and their strongholds… that just happen to be the cities where the women and children are located.  You know, the women and children this campaign was supposed to protect. 

That is extremely embarrassing for those in the Obama regime who are pushing the “obligation to protect” policy and philosophy of the United Nations.  Those naive idiots, educated, apparently, beyond their ability, are unable to discern the truth about their self-imposed guilt, actually believe the world has an obligation to protect those in danger around the globe with massive military intervention.  Back in the old days of reason we called that “Noblesse Oblige.”  Oh, and by the way, it didn’t work then, either.  However, what it WILL do is insure the US will remain at war somewhere on the globe -- perpetually.

Now we learn the US is giving US taxpayer money in the sum of 25 million dollars to the Libyan rebels in the form of “non lethal” support.  Sounds more and more like some sort of New Age war fighting, right? 

This is Obama’s way of fighting a war.  Give the rebels supplies such as medical supplies, uniforms, boots, tents, personal protective gear, radios, and Halal meals -- but nothing with which to actually fight Gaddafi. 

You can’t make this stuff up!  This is a bad joke. It only serves to make Obama look as limp-wristed and impotent as Jimmy Carter. 

Obama’s War in Libya is sucking the US in, little by little, like quicksand or a quagmire.  But you will not hear Obama condemned by the Obama propaganda machine we refer to often as the Mainstream Media.  As Obama’s lapdog, they dare not publish or broadcast the truth.  The dare not declare the obvious: The emperor has no clothes.

It now appears that only an act of God can deliver America from being sucked in deeper and deeper in a war in which we had no compelling reason, no nation interest, to commit America’s blood and treasure.

But here we are -- embroiled in Obama’s War -- a “splendid little war” that will go on and on and on.

J. D. Longstreet

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