Friday, March 18, 2011

Obama Commits America to a THIRD War in the Middle East

Obama Commits America to a THIRD War in the Middle East
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Are there no grown-ups in the Obama White House?

In my lifetime, I have never seen a sloppier, more disjointed, seemingly CLUELESS bunch of amateurs roaming the halls of the West Wing in foggy bewilderment.

Even the Nixon White House, under siege, was far more professional. Their worldwide situational awareness remained at remarkably high levels even while the office of the President was crumbling. They were professionals. They were grown-ups doing grown-up work. And they never forgot it for one moment.

Obama, on the other hand, seems … unplugged. Let me see if I can explain.

If you have ever been in an automobile when it runs out of gas, you know how the engine will sputter, then roar to life, and the car will lunge forward for a bit, then sputter again, lunge again, and finally, when all the gasoline in the fuel lines is exhausted, stop entirely and roll to a pitiful and frustrating stop. That, it seems to me, is an apt description of the Obama White House.

It appears that Obama had one thing he wanted to do as President and that was to pass socialized medicine into law. He succeeded in doing that and now has no inkling what to do with the remainder of his time in office.

If you saw the old movie “The Candidate,” you may remember that chilling line at the end of the movie, delivered by the actor playing the candidate. Upon winning the election he asks: “What now?” THAT is the image the Obama White House portrays, not just to Americans, but also to the rest of the world.

The incapable and hapless Obama White House through their waffling, and what I suspect is pure lack of understanding of world politics, has allowed the events in Libya to overtake them.

Even an old arm chair general like myself and thousands of other military veterans all over the world know that in circumstances like those in Libya over the past 31 days, demand that action (if action is to be taken) must be taken sooner rather than later. A successful army strikes the enemy quickly with all the resources at its command and renders as much destruction as they are capable of in the first blow. It shortens the conflict and inevitably saves lives … on both sides.

Thirty-one days have elapsed since the lid blew off in Libya. Obama and his clutch of “yes men,” have all but hidden behind the potted plants in the West Wing to avoid having to make a decision on assisting the “revolutionists,” as the rebels now refer to themselves. They can hide no longer. They can defer making the decision no longer.

Even after events forced Obama to acquiesce to a no-fly zone over Libya, he simply could not do it alone. He needed cover; some would say Obama felt he desperately needed that proverbial “fig leaf.”

So, the President of the United States asks permission of the United Nations Security Council, on which sits China and Russia, to iniate and enforce a no-fly zone, which, by the way, is an act of war, over Libya. The fact that a US President asks permission of the UN for ANYTHING ought to shame every re-blooded American to cry out for the impeachment of the worst President in US history!

Kow-towing to the UN is bad enough, but now that the Security Council has approved it in a ten to nothing vote, our pitiful excuse for a president has committed the US to ANOTHER WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST AGAINST ANOTHER MUSLIM COUNTRY.

When the cruise missiles begin zooming in, just over the rooftops of Libya, and obliterating Gaddafi’s radar installations and command and control centers, the US will officially be committed to -- count them -- THREE wars in the Middle East.

Getting into a war is easy. Getting out is a “whole nuther matter.”

Had Obama not dithered, a quick raid early on in the Libyan revolution could have blunted Gaddafi’s drive to “cleanse” the country of Libya of those who disagree with his crazed mental machinations. Not anymore. Before you read this there is good reason to believe that American troops will be engaged with Col. Gaddafi’s troops in combat.

I cannot escape the belief that this is a terrible mistake and will cost American blood and treasure -- neither of which we have to waste on rescuing rebels we know little about. We have no idea what kind of government they intend to set up in Libya, or in that part of Libya they might eventually control after Gaddafi’s ouster.

The latest polls (at this writing) show, definitively, the American people are not siding with Obama on his late conversion to militarism. We are extremely tired of our crack military being used as an extension of the Peace Corp in nation building of ungrateful countries that will continue to suck up to America until the last American soldier’s foot leaves their soil and then, immediately, revert back to hating us -- with renewed vigor.

And YES – THIS IS ABOUT OIL! Americans are living on an ocean of oil, far greater than that of Saudi Arabia, and yet our less than brilliant government refuses to allow us to retrieve it -- forcing us to be dependent on oil from the Middle East and defending that supply of oil with the blood of US servicemen and servicewomen. Honestly, how much sense does THAT make?

The Libyan War is CLEARLY a war for oil. About that, there can be no question.

American does not need, nor does it want, a third war in the Middle East.

After thirty-one days without a decision on Libya, the liberal-socialist President of the left made one. And it was the WRONG one!

Make no mistake about it. Establishing a no-fly zone over any portion of Libya, is an act of war. To be successful, Gaddafi’s troops must be stopped. His tanks must be bombed. His artillery must be bombed. His airfields must be bombed, etc. You can bet there will be American soldiers on the ground in Libya within days, if not hours.

If this does not convince Americans that Obama is out of his league and totally unprepared to be President, let alone Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military force in history, then, I honestly don’t know what will.

America was in deep trouble yesterday. Today – we are in much, much, deeper trouble.

J. D. Longstreet

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