Thursday, February 24, 2011

Democrats Harm Their Party In Wisconsin

Democrats Harm Their Party In Wisconsin
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It gives me no small amount of pleasure to watch the Democratic Party inflict harm upon itself with those “demonstrations” in Wisconsin -- and those just beginning in other states, as well.

“Oh,” but you say, “Those are UNIONS demonstrating in Wisconsin!” To which, I would respond, “That’s what I said – DEMOCRATS!”

Come on, folks! The UNIONS are the democrats and the democrats ARE the UNIONS! This is a political fact I have known since I was a child.

I have told reader’s before that my uncle was a big wig in one of the most powerful unions of its day. I don’t know what position he held, but it was important enough that when he died, the United States Secretary of Labor attended his funeral.

I watched my uncle visually check his automobile for bombs, underneath the car and under the hood and dashboard and seat in the mornings before his drive to the airport. I grew up with those images forever burned into my memory.

Americans have very little sympathy for people WITH JOBS these days not reporting to work -- and taking that time to raise hell in the streets. Many of those people protesting have jobs with salaries from the public trough… meaning they are paid with taxpayer money. Do they not understand how that makes the taxpayer feel?

I must tell you, what is happening in Wisconsin is turning more and more Americans against labor unions and if nothing else good comes from all that sound and fury THAT, alone, in my opinion, would be a good thing for America.

It is also extremely “telling” when the democrats flee the state. It speaks to the veracity of all the claims the GOP and conservatives have made over the years -- that when the going gets tough, the democrats flee. Now, all of America has seen it.

We have often told you that democrats strike us as child-like. They seem to be ruled by emotion. Good solid reasoning seems to be just outside their grasp. This, too, is on display in Wisconsin.

We’d like to express our appreciation to the Democratic Party for making our job so much easier. See – we can claim all this stuff about them, but until Americans see it for themselves it means nothing to them. Now, however, the Democratic Party has been kind enough to put their emotional answer to a question that calls for deep reasoning right out there in public view where the American electorate can see the unvarnished truth. And for that, again I am truly grateful to the democrats.

We conservatives would also like to express our appreciation to the unions for burning all that cash money on the Wisconsin demonstrations. That is a great help to the conservative cause and will most certainly aid us in a achieving our goal of stopping Obama from securing a second term in the White House. The less money the unions have, the less money they can contribute to Obama’s campaign -- and that, too, is good – very good!

We have warned so many times, dear reader, about the Democratic Party’s lack of feeling for the “common man.” Oh, they would argue otherwise having seized the mantle of “the people’s party” for themselves. Only, it is not true. Hopefully, Americans viewing the so-called “demonstrations” in Wisconsin will discern for themselves that just exactly who the Democratic Party actually represents.

Look. We knew way back when, that at some point this was going to happen. We knew the labor unions would suck our state treasuries dry. They have done it.

Public employees should never have been allowed to unionize in America. Those who opposed it predicted then that this time would come. And here we are. Remember what I said above about emotion versus reasoning?

The situation in all our states calls for cold, hard, reasoning and some extremely difficult decisions. Nobody is going to be happy with what must be done for the states to survive. Most people, however, know this and they will act like grown-ups and not take to the streets like spoiled brats on a rampage.

When the choice is between busting a union, and busting a state, I’ll come down on the side of union-busting every time.

J. D. Longstreet

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