Thursday, January 13, 2011

America Where Is Your Shame?

By Findalis

From the Concession Stands and T-Shirts (Hat Tip to Adrienne's Corner), to the White Sweater a la June Cleaver and the Klingon War Belt worn by Michelle Obama, to the Indian Medicine Man giving a Pagan blessing to the Christian dead.  This so-called Memorial was anything but a memorial.

This was nothing less than a Democratic Pep Rally complete with the screaming, adoring crowds. Any semblance of dignity was absent from the moment this abomination was planned.

This makes me wonder what type of person raised the little  . . .(s)  who attended this event?  Who dressed and acted like it was a football game.  Have they no decency?  No sense of honor?  NO SHAME?  Were they not taught proper manners?  I guess not.

From the President of the University to the students and facility present the nation and the world witnessed the full flower of bad manners.  But this is now acceptable in today's society. Get with the program we are told. We need to heal.

Sorry but that is not good enough. There are certain standards of behavior that the participants at this event did not come even close to achieving.  They did show their disrespect to the grieving families loud and clear.

We can now say loud and clearly that America has totally lost her moral compass for good.

G-d help us all.


  1. Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, January 16, 2011, 4:13 PM
    Yesterday, I posted this photo from Flickr taken at the Obama “Let’s Thrive” pep rally in Tucson on Wednesday.
    As you can tell the Jumbotron included not just Obama’s speech but “applause” lines for the crowd.

    After this was posted the photographer took down her photos from the pep rally.
    (What a shock!)

    Today RightNetwork received this threatening message from the leftist photographer:

    From: Patti H—-
    Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 20:34:39 -0700
    To: ; Subject: All Rights Reserved Photo

    Please take down the photo you posted on here:

    My pictures on Flickr are Copyrighted All RIghts Reserved.
    You have to have written permission from the artist to use this photo, which I will not give.
    I have since taken this photo down from my Flickr page.
    It was taken from my Flickr page:
    If you do not take these photos down, I will have to take further action.
    Patti H—-

    My response to Patti goes something like this:

    Great shots from the pep rally. I figured that you would yank your photos after you noticed they were making the rounds. That’s why I took a screengrab of your Flickr page when I posted the photo. I knew this would happen. As you can see I switched the photo with the screengrab. Thanks for your work. I appreciate it. There is no violation of use. Go Obama.

    Of course, the fact that this leftist yanked her photos and threatened to sue surprises no one.