Friday, December 03, 2010

Dem’s Tax Cut Sham: “Chicken Crap”

Dem’s Tax Cut Sham: “Chicken Crap”
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

That is not a bad description of the democrat’s childish maneuver in the US House of Representatives yesterday. It was all a sham. It was just a democrat attempt to get the GOP on record as having voted against a tax cut. (This is the sort of thing we refer to when we say Washington is in need of adult leadership.)

The republicans were right to vote against this political ploy by the democrats. It was nothing more than a playground tantrum by the less than adolescent liberal-socialists known as democrats. It was a “middle finger salute” to the incoming new speaker and new conservatives sent to Washington by an enraged electorate.

Ohio Rep. John Boehner, the presumptive speaker of the new Congress, called the Democrats' maneuver "chicken crap." Boehner went on to say: "We are 23 months from the next election and the political games have already started, trying to set up the next election."

It was a pathetic show of impotence on the part of the democrats. It is just another reason to be ashamed to be a registered democrat.

Oh, well, a few adult republicans in the US Senate should be able to send this bill to its grave with a filibuster.

If allowed to pass it will decimate small businesses across the nation -- worsening the economy. More jobs will be lost driving up unemployment. Even a fool knows this… but, somehow, the ruling elite of the liberal-socialists seem to have missed it, or, and this is not much of a stretch, it is a part of their grand strategy to collapse the US economy and give birth to an American socialist state conceived in the ashes of freedom.

Look, nobody can be THAT stupid… EXCEPT ON PURPOSE! And I have become convinced, over the past two years, that there IS, in fact, a purpose, A GRAND PURPOSE, to their assault on America.

The democrat’s behavior is studied behavior, studied and well thought out behavior. I have concluded the purpose is just as I posited above … to bring America down, to collapse the economy, to crush our liberty and freedom, and remold American in the image they desire. That image, I am convinced, is, again as we said above, a socialist state. They have demonstrated that desire, their goal, since 2006 when they took the reins of power in the Congress.

There are reports that the GOP plans to introduce legislation early next year to re-instate the Bush Tax cuts – for everyone -- and make them retroactive. That would trump the dem’s tax cut bill should it, somehow, pass the US Senate and make it to the President’s desk.

Oh, well. We conservatives have known, all along, the next session of Congress will be a gutter fight. The democrats will do everything in their power to drag the GOP down into the political gutter where they live. Conservatives throughout the hinterlands (anywhere outside the Washington beltway) must take every opportunity to bolster the spirits and the spines of conservative representatives in the House and in the Senate. They will need our continued support. When the knuckle fest evolves into gridlock, we need to insist that the GOP hold its ground, and not compromise. That is the reason we placed the power of the House in conservative hands.

We need to stop our runaway government in its tracks. Call it gridlock, if you will. It is sort of like changing the direction of travel of a train, you have to bring it to a stop – first!

When it happens, the state media, commonly referred to as the mainstream media, will cry: “FOUL!” They will scream bloody murder from their liberal-socialist editorial pages and their broadcast anchor desks. Never forget: The MSM is the propaganda machine of the liberal-socialist Democratic Party. Its what they do.

Conservatives should not allow it to deter us from the goal of retaking the US Senate and the office of the President in 2012.

The democrats will assist us in reaching that goal. All doubt was removed when the kamikaze democrats elected Nancy Pelosi as their minority leader. It proved, beyond doubt, that they don’t give a fig what YOU want. It is what THEY want that matters. They have amply demonstrated they don’t mind trampling on the constitution to get their way. All one has to do is consider the actions of Obama’s czars and the agencies and departments that take their orders from our first socialist president, Obama.

Consider the anti-freedom actions by Obama’s FCC (just recently), or Obama’s Justice Department, or the Environmental Protection Agency, just to name a few. When one considers all of this -- one MUST conclude there IS A GRAND DESIGN to all of it. A design that culminates in a new America, a “fundamentally changed” America,, a SOCIALIST America.

The coming fight in Congress is not for the weak of heart. It will be long and white-hot. The democrats will sacrifice even more of their political careers to the effort to transform America into a socialist shantytown.

Remember Patrick Henry’s battle cry: “Give me liberty, or give me death!” For those of you educated in “government schools” – well, you may have to google “Patrick Henry.”

To the presumptive Speaker, Mr. Boehner, we say: It is time to take the battle to the democrats -- with no quarter.

J. D. Longstreet

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