Friday, November 05, 2010

Time To Choose A Conservative Presidential Candidate

Time To Choose A Conservative Presidential Candidate
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Rasmussen Reports reported yesterday (11.04.10) on a national telephone survey of likely republican primary voters. (To see the questions as they were asked go (HERE).) Basically they asked whom they would vote for if the Republican presidential primary were held today. Well, 20% said Romney, 19% said Huckabee, and another 19% said Palin.

The Rasmussen Report went on to say: “Rounding out the list of seven candidates chosen by Rasmussen Reports for the question, with their levels of support, are former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (13%), Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (6%), Texas Congressman Ron Paul (5%) and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (3%). Seven percent (7%) prefer some other candidate, and eight percent (8%) are undecided.” (SOURCE)

When I read this report, frankly, I wanted to sit down and weep for my country.

Look, apparently the majority of republican voters have yet to learn that running the same old RINO (Republicans In Name Only) candidates is a recipe for LOSING. Did you get that??? I’ll say it again: LOSING!

Romney is a RINO. He cannot win. I repeat: Romney cannot win in a race against a democrat, ANY democrat. Huckabee will be laughed off the stage -- and Palin is pure poison, as is Newt Gingrich!

I don’t mean to be popping the GOP’s champagne bubbles while they are still celebrating, but as we say down south, “Them’s the facts!”

So who do I, in all my arrogance, think would make a good republican candidate for president? How should I know?? I’m just an ole country boy down here in the swamps of North Carolina.

But … since you asked …

I’m looking at Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Haley Barbour of Mississippi. Of course, with Barbour, we’d have the same problem we had with Bush II -- speaking skills. Oh, he speaks just fine for us southerners. See, some of us ole unreconstructed southerners still leave the “t” off words. It sorta makes our slow delivery of the spoken word seem to be a bit more – uh -- swift. (I have never understood how anyone could believe that a “fast talker” is a “fast thinker,” anyway. But, alas, people do.)

Now, allow me to hastily add that I know practically nothing about Governor Christy. All I know about Christy I have learned from watching him perform before press conferences in which he seems to out think the members of the press -- at every turn. (Not that it is very difficult to out think the press. As a former card carrying member of the press, I can attest to the fact that many, if not most, are not so much trying to get at the truth as they are trying to impress the other members of the press corp herd!)

I also like the manner in which Christie seems to have little difficulty in stating the unvarnished truth and make decisions that will ultimately favor the taxpayers of that extremely taxed state. He doesn’t seem to mind getting under the skin of the unions and anyone else feeding from the tax trough of the New Jersey treasury. THAT recommends him to me.

Barbour is a southern conservative. So am I. He is a southern gentleman. That means as James Dickey, the former poet laureate of my beloved home state of South Carolina, once said, a man “with a bible in one hand and a cannonball in the other.” He is equally ready to pray – or fight. You choose. And yes, Barbour is a southern politician. Chicago politicians could learn a few lessons from southern politicians.

Having said the above let me assure you, I am not locked into a choice for the GOP presidential candidate. Not by a long shot.

But, I will not hesitate to stress haste in making our selection – after much thought and reflection and, (and this is very important) thorough vetting of the candidate. Because whomever we choose the dems will be looking for even the smallest piece of dirt on him/her and they will not hesitate to use it as a blunt instrument to beat that candidate, unmercifully, about the head and shoulders, until he/she is no longer a threat to their candidate, which in all likelihood, will be Obama.

I expect that if Obama chooses to actually listen to his advisors he will make every attempt to stir toward the middle of the political spectrum and try to distance himself, at least publicly, from his extreme leftist philosophy and ideology. Should he win – again – he will drop the fa├žade and go back to his first love, socialism, for America and his anti-colonialism views for America’s foreign policy.

We have learned, much to our sorrow over the past two years, that Obama is NOT HIS OWN MAN. He is his father’s man. Yes, his father was a socialist and an anti-colonialist who smashed his car into a tree and died.

All this aside for the moment, I am sorely afraid by not winning control of the US Senate the GOP has opened the door for one, or possibly two, new Supreme Court justices both of whom will be dyed-in-the-wool liberals. That would be disastrous for America. As they say: “Elections DO have consequences.”

In the meantime, we conservatives absolutely must demand that the GOP chose solid conservative candidates for both the office of President and Vice-President. If we do – we will win. If we don’t we will lose – again!

J. D. Longstreet


  1. Thanks for your post and welcome to check: here

  2. Regardless of Romney being conservative or not, had the religious far rightwingnuts not crucified him we would not be having this conversation at this time for he would have torn Obama a new one unlike McCain who just faltered and failed.

  3. Agree somewhat, disagree somewhat.

    Agree with you and not Ticker (sorry, Ticker) that Romney would not be a good candidate. He is too bland, too compromising, too much the politician, and definitely too boring to be elected in today's world. (Sad, but true that "boring" wil not win, no matter how competent.)

    People want new; they want exciting, and life-changing. Look how they went after BO when he promised change, without ever saying what change it would be? Stupid, I know, but it worked.

    Agree on Christie -- a new kind of take no sh** politician. Disagree on Barbor (spelling that right?) He's been on TV for years, ever since he was long-ago chairman of the RNC and is associated with old-fashioned, and (sadly, again) just plain "old news."

    And disagree on Palin. Completely. To the point that I see Barbar as "poison" and Palin as the remedy. She's tough. She's been put through hell, and she's like the energizer-bunny -- she just keeps going, and she gets things done. A big plus in today's politics -- she's not afraid to fight corruption.

    No more boring, "cucumber and mayo sandwiches" as the Hillbuzz site says. We need flash, style, and a Rock Star image backed up by hard work and refusal to give in to politics-as-usual.

    Palin, Rubio, Bachman, Rick Perry, Chris Christie -- We need the next generation of Republicans to step up and show us how it's done.

  4. Conservababe I think you misunderstood my statement. I was saying that IF Romney HAD been the nominee in 08 we wouldn't be having this conversation. No I don't think he is as viable as he once was but he is a good behind the scenes man and good for the GOP even if he is not as conservative as the religious farrightwingnuts want. It is that group that cost the GOP the election and allowed Obama to be elected. I wrote an article for my blog called "How The Religious Far Right Will Help Elect Obama" I believe I was correct.

    Now for todays candidates: Perry, that's one you can have. I will not vote for him period if he runs. He can't control his own party in Texas so how can he control his party in DC much less lead the nation.

    Palin is poison. Want 4 more years of Obama, run Palin. I know she is the darling of the religious far right but they are as dangerous to me as the far leftnuts.

    Christie, you might be on to something. I know the religious farrighters will probably not go along with him since he is not "conservative" enough but I believe he is stronger on the Constitution than any of the other candidates or possible candidates to this point. That is one reason that I would support him.

    Rubio, too new, to fresh, don't know enough about him nor does the country as a whole.

    As for the others, it ain't gonna happen for them.

    How about LtCol West as a VP candidate? I can see him as a possible Presidential candidate down the road. What's your thought?