Friday, November 12, 2010

Liberals Do Not Understand Americans… Period!

Liberals Do Not Understand Americans… Period!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

My friend (and fellow blogger) Alan Caruba has authored a piece posted at his personal site, “Facts not Fantasy”, entitled: “Are Liberals Just Nuts?. You really should read it in its entirety. You will find it HERE.

We have expressed our own opinion on the Democrats still not getting it, on the Republicans still not getting it, and on Obama’s completely missing the point of what the American electorate said in their rejection of Obama’s liberal-socialist agenda November 2nd.

For me to express my opinion on this topic required two or three commentaries.

I am a veteran of the spoken word, as a broadcaster, while Alan, on the other hand, is a veteran of the printed word, as a newspaperman.

I am in awe of Alan’s ability to cut through the clutter and get to the core of a topic, any topic, and present his opinion in a clear, concise, and scholarly manner. Alan does not disappoint in his commentary “Are Liberals Just Nuts?”

In the article Alan says: “Anyone who has tried to discuss, debate, or argue political issues with a liberal eventually concludes they are dealing with someone too deranged to be influenced by facts. The midterm election defeat of Democrats in the House and the narrowed margin of control of the Senate mean nothing to liberals whose explanations ignore reality.”

Referring to the calamitous outcome of the Mid-Term Election for the Democratic Party Alan says: “What have liberals learned from this? Nothing! The swift decline of confidence in Obama is attributed to his skin color. The economic stagnation is the fault of Wall Street. The rise in healthcare premiums will be blamed on insurance companies, not Obamacare. The anger of the electorate is blamed on angry, white-wing conservatives even though Tea Party candidates did not all get automatically elected to office.”

Alan sums up by saying: “Obama got elected on a message of hope and change, but voters did not like the change and are running out of any hope that he understands what happened on Election Day. That’s what happens when liberals are given power and that is why the next two years will be continued resistance to the changes voters want. Expecting them to rationally interpret the elections is a waste of time.”

See what I mean? Alan is “spot-on” with his analysis. Please click your way to Alan’s site and read: “Are Liberals Just Nuts?” You will find it HERE.

If you have been observing the House Speaker’s campaign for the office of the Democrat’s House Minority Leader post, it is overly easy to see why the American electorate correctly believed the democrats were totally cut off from the American public. When asked about Pelosi’s quest for the new post, one TV commentator asked the obvious question: “How lucky can one political party (The GOP) be?”

It is clear to everyone, you would think, that Pelosi, along with Harry Reid, and Obama, were, and remain, the best thing to ever happen to the Republican Party. That triumvirate led the Democrat’s Kamikaze Congress to its flaming crash into the subbasement of political popularity.

Is it any wonder that republicans desperately want Pelosi to win her run for the post of House Minority Leader? I suspect the GOP would happily campaign for her! If she wins, she will be a constant reminder of the democrat’s thirst for power as the all-powerful rulers of an American socialist state.

The democrats give every indication they, as a political party, are delusional. It is a delusion that will lead them into even more trouble with the American electorate, which the democrats believe is simply too dumb to understand that socialism is good for freedom loving Americans.

Republicans are hoping against hope the democrats will continue to cling to that belief, and continue their attempts to force feed socialism to Americans. If they do, it will certainly backfire and result in the GOP taking charge of the US Senate and the Office of the Presidency in the election of November 2012. That will be a dream come true for the GOP.

J. D Longstreet


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