Monday, November 22, 2010

The Coming US/Mexico War

The Coming US/Mexico War
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

At some point in the near future, the US will be forced to invade Mexico – again!

There is a war going on in Mexico and the Mexican government has shown no capability of containing or winning the bloody conflict.

Mexico today resembles more a wartime Vietnam than it does a country at peace. That is because there is no peace in Mexico.

The US cannot continue to look the other way and pretend that the Mexican government can control the violence wrought by drug cartels, drug gangs, and just plain ole “outlaws.” The drug insurrection in Mexico is running up a body count that rivals that of the US wars in the Middle East. That, dear reader, is a full-blown war!

Americans who live in the states along the Southern Border of the US have a right to expect their government to protect them from marauding gangs and private Mexican outlaw armies. The extremely weak response from the Obama Regime to their pleas for assistance is a black mark on Obama’s record that will never fade.

The primary task of the US Government is National Defense. Protection of US citizens from invasion by other countries would certainly fall within that definition.

You think “invasion” is too strong a word? Then THINK AGAIN. The near incessant pouring of illegal aliens across the Mexican border into the US is straining our national treasury to the breaking point.

We really do not know how many illegal aliens from Mexico are now within the US. Oh, the government issues figures, but I suspect the figures they publicly espouse are “low-ball” figures.

Many suspect those “undocumented immigrants” are really “undocumented democrats.” How else to explain the democrats unceasing drive to grant them citizenship with such bills as “The Dream Act” widely expected to be introduced in the US Senate, by the democrats, during the on-going lame duck session of Congress?

The Dream Act must be defeated

One of the most important steps the new Congress can take is to build the fence along the border with Mexico and the US. In addition, the US military should be tasked with the security of that border with armed troops allowed to use deadly force to stop illegal entry into the US.

Even if that were done, I suspect it will not be enough. The armed Mexican gangs, and those private drug armies, will certainly challenge the border defenses until they are neutralized. The only way to do that is for the President to order an armed invasion of Mexico to hunt down and destroy the drug kingpins and wipe out their gunmen -- to the last man.

In fact we may find it necessary to occupy a strip of northern Mexico to serve as a buffer zone. The point is, the US needs to do whatever is necessary to stop the land invasion of US territory by illegal aliens and to guarantee the safety of US citizens along that border.

An invasion of Mexico by US military forces is not new. Our neighbor to the south has made a nuisance of itself many times before. In the mid 1840’s and again in early 1900’s, US forces have been ordered into Mexico. You can bet there are contingency plans for just such an invasion on file at the Pentagon.

Call it a “Police Action,” if you will. We cannot continue to allow our neighbor’s war to spill over into US territory endangering US citizen’s lives and property. Armed US troops on the US/Mexico border would go a long way toward lessening the tension in the Border States and cooling the tempers of property owners along the border.

Americans have a history of stepping-in and stepping-up when their government, for whatever reason, fails to act to protect them. It is only a matter of time before there are armed clashes between Mexican citizens and American citizens along the border. It takes no crystal ball to see that future unfold. The violence along the border is escalating and that violence is being imported -- along with the illegal drugs flooding across the border into the US. It MUST be STOPPED.

It is clear the Obama Regime is totally incapable of bringing pressure to bear on the Mexican government. Obama is such a weak President he is being “rolled” by practically every nation he seeks to deal with around the globe. It is a fact that a weak US President invites trouble by emboldening our foes everywhere. It is also clear that Obama’s weakness as a leader is adding fuel to the conflagration along the US/Mexico border.

Americans are now aware of the terrible mistake they made by electing Obama to the Office of President in 2008 and they intend to correct that mistake in November of 2012. But that is two years away. SOMETHING needs to be done NOW before there is a massive bloodletting as the result of a skirmish between armed Mexicans and armed US citizens. Mark my words – it is going to happen -- sooner rather than later.

A strong American President could stop a war between Mexico and the United States. Problem is – AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE A STRONG PRESIDENT. We intend to correct that error in 2012.

J. D. Longstreet


  1. I am mexican I am illigal I was born in mexico but 90 percent of my family were living here way before texas was part of usa, my grandfather was born in bronsville, when even my family was here before than any so called american I m still call an illigal. Just to let u know we are the real americans( there's no more american than a mexican ) these is our land these country its just reach just beacause has stolen reousrces land pretty much everything they can get when they go to war upsss sorry they couldn't still the oil from sadam aajaja. But whatever I m anot going to be as ignorant like this writer I respect these is not our land no more we r just here for better quality of live. At least just respect us. I don't hate white people I don't hate americans of any race or color but I do hate ignorant people like u, just spreading hate ur just like lou dobbs look where he is now no where. Becarefull maybe all u say can backfire on u or ur childrens children what if the hispanic takes power of this country may one they ur not going to be call an american but an americano

  2. Anon, you've been reading too much revisionist history. Mexico lost the land in question in a war with the US. The Mexican government went back on their word , attacked Americans and killed them and then got their collective butts kicked, surrendered and in return they agreed to concede the lands you call stolen. So Anon, you are illegal, no matter how you look at it. If you are illegal, then you are breaking the laws of this country and yes, the laws of your own country Mexico. So either apply for citizenship or shut up and take your backside back across the border where it belongs. No hatred, just facts amigo.

  3. look, you guys sound like little kids fighting back and forth. im willie g. a mexican american! racism is wrong totally! no matter what the united states do they cant stop the illegals from coming bro, we are like roaches. stop hating and start realizing the truth. united states can't stop afgan and won't stop mexico. you wanna know why cause Jesus is coming soon! and yea i dont like greedy, ignorant type of people like you so called political people. you guys always think you guys are right which in fact you dont know what to do. just assume. and you know what if you wanna call ma people illegal check yo self before you reck yo self. your illegal too buddy check yo history. and go back to german or whereever you came from. and grow up. dueces. its yo boy willie g. and stop being stupid. cuz we taking ova latinos stand up.

  4. i dont like to name call or anything i just dont feel alright people double teaming anybody. so wat i would like to say to ticker. just shut tha fffff up before you get yo ass beat real talk. talking aint gonna solve anything just make it worse. so zip it. this aint hating season. this is willie mexicano g.


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  7. If USA invades Mexico Mexican-Americans and Mexican legal immigrants and illegal immigrants will revolt in the American SouthWest. You have no idea what Mexican people are capable. please do not underestimate us. We are also in law enforcement and in the Military and Politics. Thus, we have a lot of power within the US States and in Congress as well. It will never happen CONSERVATIVE FOLKS !

  8. i live in mission TX, the border crossings are overwhelming BP and all other locall authority...mission hospital is performing charity child birth to mexican pregnant women looking for TX benefits... we need help man, i mean it