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Will Arizona Secede?

Will Arizona Secede?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
I have no idea if Arizona will make an attempt at secession, or not. If they do, it will not be the first time. You see, back in 1861 Arizona chose to become a part of the old Confederacy during the War Between the States. You may read the Arizona Ordinance of Secession HERE.

So, secession, as unthinkable as you MAY think it is today, is NOT outside the realm of possibility.

Let’s see what others are saying about this issue:
“Will Arizona be the first state to secede?”
Check this out HERE.
HCR 2034:If Martial Law, Arizona Will Secede
1. “That when or if the President of the United States, the Congress of the United States or any other federal agent or agency declares the Constitution of the United States to be suspended or abolished, if the President or any other federal entity attempts to institute martial law or its equivalent without an official declaration in one or more of the states without the consent of that state or if any federal order attempts to make it unlawful for individual Americans to own firearms or to confiscate firearms, the State of Arizona, when joined by thirty-four of the other fifty states, declares as follows: That the states resume all state powers delegated by the Constitution of the United States and assume total sovereignty; … …”
You will find this story HERE.
”Arizona Becoming First State to Secede From Union”
This is a VERY interesting article by Will Bunch and you will find it HERE.
"The Civil War and Arizona"
“Arizona's Civil War story is a colorful one. Colonel John R. Baylor of the Confederate States of America (CSA) defeated Union troops in Arizona and New Mexico in March 1861. Arizona became a Confederate Territory when it was annexed by the Confederate President Jefferson Davis who was also the ex Secretary of War under President Abraham Lincoln.”Read the rest of this very interesting article HERE.
"What will Washington do about the Arizona immigration law?"
You will find this article HERE.
Now -- these are but a small sampling of the articles on the Internet.What you are seeing unfold between the political left in America, and the sovereign state of Arizona, over Arizona’s legal right to regulate illegal immigration into their state is but a small part of the overall plan the political left has of being rid of both the US/Mexican border and the US/Canadian border. Arizona, you see, just tossed a fly into the left’s “ointment,” if you please. That ointment? Why “Global Governance,” of course -- a “one-world government.” With a one-world government there will be no borders. None will be needed.

Arizona just spat in the faces of the political left all over the world. And they are seriously PO’ed!
Look, even a fool knows the US government could close, seal, and secure the borders -- if it wanted to. The simple truth is -- the American government does not want to secure her borders.
The progressives in the US government have been working for decades to pave the way for global governance, which would include the US. A global government would override the US Constitution, making it null and void. The same group has been working feverishly to destroy the US Constitution of 1787 by claiming it is a “living document” and crying out for a new US Constitution for the 21st century.

Understand: the proposed global government would be a socialist/marxist/communist government. The socialist Obama Regime (which actually believes it is running the country), the socialist Congress -- including both the US House and the US Senate, were necessary to move the progressive agenda for global governance to fruition. The so-called “Shadow Government” now has control of the Executive and the Legislative branches of the US Government and it is closing in on control of the third branch of our government – the Judicial branch. Anything that gets in the way of the socialist/progressives must be crushed. I give you: The Political Left’s War on Arizona!

If you have read the articles we pointed you towards (above) then you know that Arizona has prepared the way for the state’s secession from the USA. She has set the stage to claim, that which is hers -- her sovereignty.

We have warned countless times, in our scribblings, that what is happening in Arizona today was going to happen. History does, indeed, repeat itself.

We Southern folk know the history of this country leading up to the secession of the states that formed the Confederate States of America. We know the REAL history, not the bunk taught our children in the "government schools," or "indoctrination centers."

Look, dear reader, Arizona was mis-treated by the federal government, in exactly the same way as the Southern states were mistreated from, at least, 1820 until Confederate troops fired on Ft. Sumter in April of 1861. The "so-called" Civil War was NOT an overnight thing -- and it was not about slavery. The issue of slavery was a peripheral issue and NOT THE ISSUE that brought us the “War for Southern Independence.” It was, in fact, “State’s Rights!” It is the very issue we are dealing with today as the sovereign state of Arizona bucks the overgrown US federal government.

Just as they are today, the federal government was dictating to the states and simply ignoring the constitutional rights of those states. It went on for decades with the southern states continually warning the federal government that if the disrespectful treatment continued, at some point, the southern states would leave the union! Southern Senators and Representatives told the Congress and the President -- plainly -- they would be forced to secede.

Are Americans of the 21st century ready to revisit the dark days when US federal troops face off with Arizona National Guard troops -- or militias? Are we ready for another "brother against brother" confrontation? It is important to ask, for that is exactly where we are headed.

Rest assured the federal government stands ready to crush the sovereignty of ANY US state that tries to assert those rights. To the Obama Regime the US Constitution is an outdated piece of paper not applicable to 21st century America. They will walk all over it to ensure that Arizona does nothing that might lead to the securing of the open border between Mexico and America.

Any amateur historian can tell you where this all is leading. We are living in the early stages of the dissolution of the United States. The Rubicon has been crossed.

J. D. Longstreet

J.D. Longstreet blogs daily at INSIGHT on Freedom.

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