Monday, April 12, 2010

Dems To Propose Amnesty for Illegal Aliens… AGAIN!

Here We Go Again!
Dems To Propose Amnesty for Illegal Aliens… AGAIN!
Criminals To Become US Citizens?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Yes, it IS a crime to break into the US by stealing across the border! Yet, millions have done it and continue to do it even as this scribe taps out these few words on the keyboard.

Those wonderful Democrats, now scared witless they are going to be mauled politically at the polls this coming November, have to move as quickly as possible to get those millions of illegal aliens citizenship and, even more important, get them registered to vote so they can vote for the dems who secured their citizenship while overlooking the fact that they are criminals. Remember, Latino voters were crucial to President Obama’s win in 2008.

Does any of this strike you as a little bit weird? It ought to – because it IS weird! But, then, that is the America we live in today -- an America led by its first Marxist President and it’s first Socialist/Marxist/Progressive Congress.

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, told a throng in Las Vegas over the weekend: “We’re going to come back, we’re going to have comprehensive immigration reform now.” Reid continued: “We need to do it this year.” He was emphatic when he said: “We cannot wait.”

Reid promised that Congress would begin working on an immigration overhaul when they return to Washington this week from their recess.

Judging from Mr. Reid’s assured demeanor we expect he, and his cohort in the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will make every attempt to ram this bill down the throats of Americans just as they did the ObamaCare bill. Heck, Reid admitted it! Speaking to the pro-immigration reform crowd Reid stated -- flat-out: “We’re going to pass immigration reform, just as we passed health care reform,”

It is time, fellow conservatives, to get the phone calls, the faxes, the e-mails, flowing again and make those personal visits to the offices of your Congressperson and your Senators and tell them to their faces you expect them to vote NO on immigration reform. We HAVE to stop this bill just as we stopped it twice in the recent past.

While you are writing or speaking to your Congressperson or Senator, please tell them that if they are serious about doing something constructive about illegal immigration they should begin by sealing the border between Mexico and the United States. Just as in a leaky rowboat, bailing does little good until you plug the leak!

Remind the politicians there is BIG trouble brewing on our southern border. When local law enforcement admits, openly, they cannot protect those in their charge from violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants stealing across the border and advises legal citizens to arm themselves for protection, it is only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

To say the southern border of the US is porous is an understatement. The nation is at risk from terrorists, organized crime cartels, and “transnational gangs” while the federal government shirks its responsibility to secure the border.

“Recently, Gov. Rick Perry, of Texas, sent a letter to U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano requesting that the federal government utilize Unmanned Aircraft Systems, also known as predator drones, for missions over the Texas-Mexico border. This would provide an additional surveillance element, supplying valuable information to local, state, and federal law enforcement along the border. Currently the three predator drones assigned to the southwest border are based in and operating exclusively in Arizona.” (SOURCE) To view the Governor’s letter to Napolitano go HERE.

“In the absence of adequate federal resources to secure the state’s southern border, Gov. Perry launched the state’s recent border security enhancement using highly skilled Ranger Reconnaissance (Ranger Recon) Teams to address the ever-evolving threat along the Texas-Mexico border. Additionally, under the governor’s leadership, and thanks to action taken by the Legislature, the state has dedicated more than $110 million to border security efforts in each of the last two legislative sessions.” (SOURCE)

The problems with our non-secure southern border are past being serious. They are now critical.

So, Mr. President, Congresspersons, and Senators don’t try to pass another Amnesty for Illegal Aliens bill before you seal and secure the borders of the US. Once that is done to the satisfaction of the American electorate, then -- and ONLY then -- will we be the least bit interested in discussing immigration reform.

J. D. Longstreet

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