Friday, December 18, 2009

Why does Sarah Palin Scare the living Daylights out of the Left?

Why does Sarah Palin Scare the living Daylights out of the Left?
Mainstream Media Nightmare: Sarah Palin
Democrats worry, lose sleep, over Sarah Palin!

Have you taken a second look at Sarah Palin lately? Maybe we conservatives should. HEY! I'm JUST SAYING... !
I must tell you that anytime a conservative, candidate or not, strikes fear in the hearts of the Socialists, Marxists, Communists, and Progressives in the Congress, the White House, and the leftist Mainstream Media in America, we conservatives are selling ourselves short -- if we do not sit up and take notice and, at least, try to determine what, about this particular conservative, is driving "those people" mad.

Of course, like so many other conservatives it bothers me , greatly, that she quit the office of governor of the state of Alaska. I cannot, so far, put the feeling that she is a "quitter" to rest. Why did she do it? I wish I knew the real answer to that question. Maybe someday we will. Someday, should the occasion arise for a face to face with Ms. Palin, I intend to ask just that question. Whether it will make a difference, or not, I cannot say. Her answer to that question , I would think, will make, or break, any future national political ambitions she may have.

In the meantime, though, she is selling books like hot cakes and making appearances across the country and drawing record breaking crowds in some cities and towns.

Representatives of the mainstream media are tagging along like bloodhounds sniffing for any mistake, or misstep, or misspoken word that offers even a meager opportunity for them to discredit her further. Battalions of reporters and investigators are pouring over her book looking for errors or, well, anything that could be construed as less than truthful in their never ending campaign to belittle her, and diminish her standing among conservative and independent voters in America.

Now here is what is troubling me. I had written Ms. Palin off as another "also ran". A "has been," a failed "wannabe politician" on the national stage. Now, as a result of the left wing's oh, so obvious fear of this little woman, I am forced to take a second look and reevaluate my most recent negative feelings toward her as a possible candidate for something or other either in 2010 or 2012.

See, any conservative who can throw the "Fear of God" into the socialist/progressives/communists/democrats in our Congress and the White House compels me to sit up an utter the words: "What the H**l??? And THAT, dear reader is what Ms. Palin has done.

There is a reason the socialist leaders of American run screaming from the room at the mere mention of Sarah Palin's name. I mean -- she is bright, eloquent, obviously has a "presence" in any room she enters, and to top off the package, she is strikingly beautiful. And she is resilient. She has managed to fend off all the arrows fired at her by the left-leaning media and the left's hit men and hit women and remain posed, with that striking smile, and her continuous profession of faith in a God who will never forsake her in good times or in bad.

So, she can be "folksy." That is NOT A BAD THING IN MY REGION OF THE USA -- the South. Plus, her "folksy" manner of speech is obviously NOT FAKE. That will go a long way toward establishing the honesty factor in her favor.

Having said all the above, Yes, I am taking a second look at Sarah Palin. If for no other reason than because the mainstream media, which is so biased toward the political left, is expressing such overt fear of her.

When the Left fears the Right, conservatives are doing SOMETHING RIGHT! Is that RIGHT THING conservatives are obviously doing Sarah Palin? I DON'T KNOW! But, You can bet -- I an going to try to find out!

J. D. Longstreet


  1. Sarah answered the "Quitter" question in her resignation speech. Go to this website, scroll down past the first "poem" and read "Consider This" at

  2. PS: the poem is very good too :)

  3. I found this post via JBlog Central. I am not American, so my opinion isn't of much importance and I may understand some things wrong because of cultural differences, but conservative Palin apologists always bring out the worst in me, so here I am. Palin's other faults, real or perceived, aside, how a mother of several children (five, was it?), one of them an infant -- a handicapped infant --, who embraces a demanding full time job can be by any stretch of the imagination be called "conservative" is beyond me. And do you really think that "Socialists" are AFRAID of her? She is much too light-weight to scare anybody in a political context. I have taken Palin's side many times at my blog because the answer to the question why she is feared and by whom is so obvious: It's feminists (most of them, we can safely assume, Socialists) because of her good looks, her marriage, her family, in a word, her FERTILITY. Of course, they are too dumb to see that Palin is nothing but a feminist as well, waxing lyrically about the "glass ceiling" and letting her underage daughter get pregnant because she finds a job more important than her family and degrades her husband to the ranks of a sheepishly grinning empty shirt in the process.

    And for heaven's sake she isn't "folksy" (and OF COURSE not fake folksy). She is bordering on trashy. That wasn't obvious at first, but I think we, even those who at first liked her (and in a way I still like her), have seen a bit too much of Mrs. Palin. Her polish is too thin and her flaws become too obvious with too much media exposure. Whether one sees her (as I do) as a faux conservative or, as the Left does, as a conservative dinosaur, is, when all is said and done, without importance. Whatever she is, she is too light-weight- full stop. She has doubtlessly great presence, but I don't think that is enough for any of the political goals she may be aspiring.