Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kick A Black Day!

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

If this happened at any school in the United States there would have been hell to pay. First of all the useful idiots in the media would have broken into their regularly scheduled news program with not only this as breaking news, but hourly updates on the condition of the victims. Each and every government official from the President on down would be commenting on this event with the President holding an kicking summit over ice cream at the White House. School officials would be fired at once with total sensitivity training and classes being taught for days. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be holding daily rallies in the town. Finally Maxine Waters would hold Congressional Hearings.

So why didn't anything like that happen when a Florida school allowed a 'Kick A Jew Day'?
Ten students at a Florida middle school were suspended after district officials say they participated in "kick a Jew day."

District spokesman Joe Landon says a Jewish student at North Naples Middle School reported being kicked on Thursday. The school's principal addressed the entire student body the next morning and asked for anyone with information about the alleged attack to come forward.

The district determined that 10 students should be punished. They each served one day of in-school suspension Monday.

Landon says the first 20 minutes of the school day, which is normally used for reading and tutoring, will now be used to teach students about respect, kindness and ways to prevent bullying.

No criminal charges have been filed.
I would bet you any amount of money that if the victim was black not only would charges be filed, but they would be charged as adults.

Nice school they have at North Naples Middle School. So nice that they teach the basics in education: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Anti-Semitism. Just the basics. You can contact them here by e-mail or phone them at 239-377-4600, their FAX is 239-377-4601. I am sure they would love to hear from you on this.

Oh and for the record, the next 'Kick A Jew Day' try kicking these Jews and see what will happen:


  1. Less than a week ago in L.A. they had "Kick a Ginger" day, where kids were encouraged to beat up redheads.

    But in that particular case it was limited to Nov 20th. The problem with "kick a Jew" day is that it has been "kick a Jew" day for the past few thousand years.

    I would have loved to see them try to kick me.

  2. At least you acknowledged the fact that African Americans would have investigated this situation had it involved African American students. Those who advocate for Jewish rights need to step up to the plate. Maybe they will, eventually. Have you contacted them directly, since you seem so appalled?

    Ollie K. Mears
    Mears Management