Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Health Care Bill Americans Don’t Want

The Health Care Bill Americans Don’t Want
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet.

The US House of Representatives passed a Health Care Bill over the weekend that will never see the light of day. Yes, it will go to the US Senate -- and that is as far as the House bill will go. The Senate Health Care bill will be a different animal, entirely.

Public Option must go. Public Option will not be a part of a Senate Health Care bill. That is a good thing. An even better thing would be for there to be no Health Care Bill at all!

Now, I am just an ole country boy, with limited book learning, but even I know that Americans don’t want the monstrosity the US House was congratulating itself on passing last Saturday.

I could not help but think to myself, as I watched them preen and parade their pride before America that many of the Democrats had just committed political suicide. Their façade of smiles and backslapping will crumble soon, especially when they get home for the holidays and their spurned, and burned, constituents begin to “button-hole” them and explain to them why they can expect this to be their last term in the Congress. And that, too, will be a good thing.

NEXT November the American voters will have their say officially and it is going to be a democrat massacre at the polls.

Why is it so difficult for the democrats to understand that Americans would have settled for insurance coverage for those unable to afford it? THAT we could do. It would be a strain but we could manage to pay for it. What Americans do not want is Universal Healthcare with a trillion and a half dollar price tag, which we cannot pay for!

Americans also do not want the so-called public option. Americans do not want anybody, or anything, or any entity, between them and their doctor! Period! When the government announces IT will be the gatekeeper between all Americans and their sacred relationship with their personal physician, the national ire began rising.

Allow me to give you an example of what Americans fear. Today I was experiencing a problem with my eyes. I picked up the phone and dialed my doctor’s office and explained the symptoms. I asked when I could see the doctor. The receptionist asked how long it would take me to drive to the office. I replied: “5 or 6 minutes.” The receptionist then directed me to “come on.” I was seen and treated in short order and was back home in no time. Do you really, REALLY, think Socialized Medicine will provide that sort of medical service? This relationship with one’s doctor will be destroyed by Socialized Medicine… and THAT is what Americans fear!

Today, Americans are finally paying attention to the run-away, rogue, Congress in Washington. Not just conservative Americans, either. Our congress is out of control and is in desperate need of being reined in. The way we rein in a congress is by tossing out as many offending Congresspersons and Senators as we possible can. Unfortunately, in America, we have no apparatus for a vote of “no confidence” with which we could dissolve the Congress and hold new elections. As a result we must wait until November of 2010 to clean the House AND the Senate!

Many months ago this scribe told you the problem with the democrats is -- every time they come to power they overreach. EVERY TIME. They have not disappointed. This past weekend the democrats stayed true to their history and they overreached again… BIG TIME. And it will cost them BIG TIME!

J. D. Longstreet


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