Monday, November 16, 2009

Hasan Participated in Presidential Transition Task force on Homeland Security

Nidal Hasan, the Muslim U.S. Army Major accused of the mass killings at Fort Hood, is listed as participant in the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute's (HSPI) Presidential Transition Task Force Report. While this is not entirely surprising, given Hasan's former position in the Army, it raises significant questions about White House reluctance to release relevant records allegedly in its possession.

The HSPI is not a governmental organization, and was not directly tied to the Obama administration's transition team. Rather, in its own words, it is a "nonpartisan 'think and do' tank whose mission is to build bridges between theory and practice to advance homeland security through an interdisciplinary approach..." HSPI has already issued a statement on Hasan's participation in the task force as follows:



  1. Seems their were many red flags on the Major. That he set in on some top meetings does not surprise me however. What will it take to wakeup the masses in this country about the threat posed by Islamic Terrorist. Will it take another 1000 victims or will they have to level a kindergarden with 100 kids in it. Its hard to understand the liberal mind.