Friday, November 13, 2009

America’s Enemy Within the Gates

America’s Enemy Within the Gates
By J. D. Longstreet

As I watched the aftermath of the shootings at Ft. Hood recently I, like so many other Americans, was aghast at the carnage wrought by America’s greatest enemy… “Political Correctness.” Say what you will but when the facts all come out, I am convinced the culprit will be none other than political correctness in our government, and in our military, in our religious community, in our educational community, in our religious communities, and yes, even in the communities, large or small, where the average American lives.

Political correctness is a loathsome enemy. It places a blindfold over the eyes of the societies it holds hostage and tells them what they would see if the blindfold were not there. The problem is, political correctness lies. It distorts truth. It twists realism until it rarely resembles anything real -- at all.

Political correctness has so infiltrated this country and inculcated our populace until it has practically brought us to our knees. We cannot see straight, think straight, hear straight, nor act straight, ALL because this country has bought into moral relativism -- political correctness.

Look at our military. We don’t win wars anymore. As a friend of mine pointed out just the other day, we don’t even know HOW to fight an offensive war anymore. We used to win wars through attrition. We would kill the enemy as quickly and efficiently, as possible, until there were not enough of the enemy left to wage war, or they had not the means to wage war, or -- they lost the will to wage war.

Now we have lawyers on the battlefield and in the command and control centers. They direct when and where the bombs will fall, and who and how many will be killed, which enemy strongholds we can fire upon, etc. We must be politically correct so the rest of the world will love us!

I’ve got news for you! A vast portion of the world hates us, and that is not about to change as long as the USA exists -- so DEAL WITH IT!

Political Correctness is Marxism by another name. But, since the US government went socialist, Marxism is not frowned upon as it was in my day as a young man. See, THAT is what political correctness has wrought. I am convinced the current President of the United States holds the office owing to political correctness!

In my opinion it was political correctness that led to the massacre at Ft. Hood. It is the root cause of the self-imposed blindness of the US military, indeed, the entire US Government to the obvious. America has enemies within her gates. Within our very communities reside those enemies who have sworn the destruction of America. Yet we choose to ignore, to turn a blind eye, to deny that gnawing feeling at the back of our minds trying desperately to ring the warning bell. We have adopted the exact same position as a man standing on the railroad tracks facing a swiftly moving train and telling himself, repeatedly, if he only keeps his eyes closed, if he only disregards the train’s warning whistles, all will be well. The train will not strike him. Of course, the train WILL strike him and render him mincemeat.

Not profiling where profiling is clearly called for is self-delusion. But one must be willing to delude one’s self for political correctness to thrive as it does in America.

So we will continue to proudly wear the politically correct blinders until that on rushing trains hits us and then we will wonder what happened and why. No investigation is necessary. We already know the answer. We just don’t like to hear the truth. For when we do, we have to deal with it -- and that is unpleasant. After all, truth is not politically correct! Now, is it?

J. D. Longstreet


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