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US Military Brass To Take The Fall For The Loss of Obama’s War?

US Military Brass To Take The Fall For The Loss of Obama’s War?
Military Brass Expected To Fall On Their Swords To Cover Obama’s Inept Afghan War Making?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Rome burned as Nero fiddled. So goes the myth of the destruction of ancient Rome. There was more to Nero’s rather extensive “Urban Renewal Project”, of course. Much has been lost in the mists of time, and some has just plain been invented.

But, today, if Nero decided to burn Rome, we’d have TV cameras there as he struck the match and applied the flame to the nearest drapes or, thatched roof, as the case may be.

What am I rambling on about? Well, I’ll tell you. It is just this: While Obama fiddles; American soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan.

The US military commander of Afghanistan has requested 40,000 more troops as fast as he can get them in country to fight the resurgence of the Taliban and whoever else has, and is, joining their ranks.

The Commander-in-Chief says it will be weeks before he will respond with a “Yes” or a “No.” In the meantime, more American lives are being lost and the loss of those lives can be laid at the feet of Obama! The war in Afghanistan is now “Obama’s War!” And so far, he is bungling it, like nearly everything else this inexperienced president has touched.

I’d very much like to see an amendment to the constitution which says that a candidate for President of the United States must show proof of honorable service in the military of the United States.

Let me spell it out for you as plainly as I know how. Unless you have served in the US Military, you have no idea what fighting for your country, (war), is all about. You cannot understand the inner workings of the military. You cannot understand the code of honor, which is the common thread that binds all the military services to one another and to the country.

I do not care how much propaganda those who disagree with me on this throw at you, take it from another old vet, the military is different from anything you have ever experienced in your life and there is zero comparison with anything political or the political world our Commander-in-Chief resides in at the White House.

Now: Here’s what I think is about to happen. Obama dearly wants out of Afghanistan. The delay in answering General Stanley McChrystal is Obama buying time with the blood of American patriots.

The long and the short of it is, Obama is going to pull US troops out of Afghanistan. He doesn’t care about how bad it will make America look around the world. He doesn’t care about that. He has no idea how badly the American character will suffer. He doesn’t care how such an action will damage the US military. He has no understanding of how badly the Vietnam fiasco rocked the US Military for decades. Some say the US military did not fully recover from Vietnam until Gulf War One. Many of the Vietnam vets are STILL not over it! But Obama doesn’t care. Why? Obama is a Narcissist. He cares only for himself. Everyone, and everything, else is here to serve him and his interests.

Now: Do not entertain the erroneous notion that Obama is willing to take the blame for losing a war, specifically the war in Afghanistan. Oh, NO! Obama will not lose the Afghanistan War. The US Military will lose the Afghanistan War. You can count on it. There will be Congressional Hearings and kangaroo courts much like the old “Star Chamber” proceedings where the heads of Generals will roll, but nothing will touch Obama. Obama’s henchmen on the Hill and in the Mainstream Media will see to that. All the while, though, you and I and the thousands upon thousands of soldiers and military veterans will know who the culprit was.

The American Left HATES the US Military. It has a cold, unreasonable, hatred for anything military. I have leftist friends who all but spit anytime I mention the military for any reason. Their hatred goes deep. It is primordial. It seems to come from some place deep inside the pre-caveman depths of their brains. It is pathological. They would be quite happy to see the US Military go down to defeat no matter how many American lives are lost. They hate the US Military that much.

There is no reasoning with them. I have tried. I explained that the US military was the only organization that stood between them and annihilation. I explained that the US military made their freedom possible and without the military they would not be free men but slaves. Nothing made any difference. There is simply no reasoning with them. So, I must conclude that it is something in their internal wiring. It should not be difficult to detect in Obama’s White House.

The men and women who give of themselves to defend this country deserve better. They have earned the respect of the world. It seems to me the American people could insure that the Commander-in-Chief is always a military veteran with a constitutional amendment, which would require that a candidate for President of the US always be a veteran of one of the military services of the United States. It would not insure victory on the battlefield but it would show respect for the military by providing that one of their own is always in command. They deserve that -- and more.

J. D. Longstreet


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