Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Panel Discussion with Lord Monckton Thursday!

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 22, at noon eastern time, Jim Simpson will be on a radio discussion panel with Lord Christopher Monckton to talk about global warming and Lord Monckton's prophetic warning that we are about to give up our sovereignty to the UN.

Please go here for details.


  1. What Monckton is warning about are many of the same things that this administration has already been setting into place through the G20 Conference when "the One" promised billions to the IMF. It is also set in place in his yet to be passed Global Poverty Bill which the UN is drooling and chomping at the bits for some idiot in the administration to present to the Senate. The numskulls in the House passed the bill when "the One" was still in the Senate but AWOL while running for President of the World. I mean after all who can turn down a bill that is "about the children". The idiots as usual didn't actually read the bill and don't know that it within itself would give sovereignty to the UN and the fools in Congress would have passed the act without somuch as knowing what they were actually voting for.
    Since seemingly that bill is floundering or lost in a pile of paperwork "the One" will now attempt to do the same thing by signing the Copenhagen Treaty and the idiots in Congress will sign it because after all it is good for "the children of the world" and the environment. Cap and Tax is mild compared with this foolishness.

  2. If anyone would like to learn more about Lord Christopher Monckton, I have many of his works posted on my site:

    I also have a few videos and his debate with the Littlemore of the DeSmogBlog.