Monday, October 12, 2009

The Obama Cult, A Mental Illness?

The Obama Cult, A Mental Illness?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I live in a small town in Eastern North Carolina. I tell you this because I feel it will help you understand how the folks out in the hinterlands feel toward our President and especially his landing the Nobel Peace Prize recently.

The morning the announcement was made, as I am an early riser, I was shaving and listening to the radio when the announcement was made. I nearly cut my throat wit the safety razor! I could not believe it! The first thought that flashed through my mind was: “What For? What has he done?” And, for the life of me, I could not think of a single thing, positive, he has done for America since being sworn-in on January 20th, of this year.

Later in the morning, much later, my wife finally roused herself and decided to join the rest of us in consciousness and I told her about the morning’s news. Her first question was “What for? What did he do?” Both of us asked the same question. Both of us were thinking that maybe we had missed something Obama had done since January 20th. But neither of us could think of a thing.

A while later, I remembered I had an appointment for a haircut. As I walked through the door of the barbershop I was met with a chorus of “What did Obama DO?” to win the Nobel Peace Prize. EVERYONE wanted to know. We were all stumped.

A general discussion on the Obama Regime followed and we finally determined that the only thing Obama had accomplished, in his short term in office, was to exacerbate every bad thing he inherited and to create other bad things. There was nothing constructive we could say about his Regime.

It was noted however, that if the Europeans loved Mr. Obama so much, maybe we could figure out a way to give him to them, with our blessings. Then, one of the ladies from the adjoining beauty salon, having overheard us, stuck her head into the barbershop, and verbally rapped our knuckles by saying that sticking those poor Europeans with Obama would be too cruel and we should think of something else.

Nobody, I met on October 9th, the day the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Obama, could understand the reasoning behind the committee’s decision to do such a thing. To me, it smacked of a massive “suck-up.” I figured Norway wants something from the US. What, I had no idea.

The fawning mainstream media went orgasmic over the thought of their creation having won such a notable prize. With the announcement coming in the early morning hours, US Eastern Time, much of the print media in the states ran one day behind with their articles of praise and adoration. However, I did find it interesting that some of the western European press were asking the same question I was, “What for?” and -- at least one major UK publication went so far as to question the worth of the prize -- if no one has any idea of the accomplishment for which it is awarded. Not to mention the fact that the Nobel Prize has been awarded to some recipients of, shall we say, arguable qualifications? You will find a complete list of Nobel Peace Prize recipients HERE.

Oh, well, now we know the personality cult that is Obama has spread, for sure, to Europe. Some are declaring that someday, in the not too distant future, this Obama “thing” will be studied as a mental illness. It’s sort of like “Mass Hysteria.” It has spread around the globe and for those of us “anchored, secure,” individuals it is totally indecipherable. We see it for what it is, but we are completely unable to rescue those less secure than we who have attached themselves to the Supernova star that is Obama. Like a Supernova Obama will eventually implode and suck all within his orbit into the oblivion that once was his blazing core.

Oh, while I’m thinking about it – there’s this bridge in New York the Nobel Peace Prize Committee might be interested in purchasing. I understand it is for sale.

J. D. Longstreet

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