Thursday, October 22, 2009

FCC moves to codify network neutrality principles

The FCC:  Net neutrality, localism, and media ownership reviews are soon to be underway. Watch out for the progressive code word, "localism," which could  be the death blow to conservative talk radio.
From C-SPAN this morning. FCC Votes to Move Forward With Net Neutrality Rulemaking Process

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) met and voted to move forward on Chairman Julius Genachowski’s open internet proposal. The net neutrality rules, if passed, would prohibit internet providers from favoring or discriminating against online applications. The FCC will have a period of hearings and comments on the proposal before a final vote is taken.

FCC Votes To Propose Net Neutrality Rules

As expected, the FCC voted Thursday to launch a rulemaking to expand and codify network neutrality principles.
All the commissioners agreed it was the beginning of a process that will solicit much comment. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said the FCC will establish a technical advisory process to make sure, as Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker said, that the process is informed by the laws of physics and not just politics. . .

The FCC has proposed to codify its existing four Internet openness principles as well as adding two new ones requiring ISPs to inform customers about network management techniques and preventing them from discriminating against content of applications, with a carve-out for reasonable network management public safety and homeland security. That codification is meant to remove any question of whether they are enforceable.

As expected, the vote was unanimous to launch the process, but the commission Republicans dissented on the factual basis undergirding it, which was that there were cracks and fissures in the open Internet that needed fixing. They warned of unintended consequences that could include reduction in service quality, a rise in price and disincentive to investment. . .

. . .Republican members expressed concern that the new rules could be viewed by other countries, with darker motives, as a precedent for their attempts to increase their hold on the net.

Panelists, Agenda Set For Ownership Workshops

October 22, 2009: The FCC has set the agenda and panelists for three workshops, to be held November 2, 3, and 4, that will kick off the 2010 quadrennial media-ownership review.

These initial panels, held by the Media Bureau, will "discuss the scope and methodology of the proceeding and the analytical framework the commission should use for conducting its review." Also on the table are the specifics of how the FCC should address its goals of competition, localism, and diversity. . .

The above link lists the featured panelists by name.

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