Saturday, September 12, 2009

Manmade Global Warming/Climate Change Term Invented by Man!

Manmade Global Warming/Climate Change Invented by Man!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Did you know the Earth was this hot, and in some cases, even hotter 400 hundred years ago? Well, that is what scientists found, and reported a few years back. Amazing, right?

So the Earth hasn’t been this hot in 400 years, right? Well, that’s the way some experts are phrasing it. (Some even go farther and say 2,000 years. Seems to me -- it must not have been a problem 2,000 years ago, as the Chief Weather Man, for the universe, was here, on earth, and could have turned the universal thermostat down, a bit, had He chosen to.)

Now, doesn’t that mean that 400 years ago (or 2,000 years ago… you pick.) the earth WAS this HOT! You bet! And that bears out what we have said over and over -- the earth’s weather is cyclical!

So, the experts tell us man causes this increase in the earth’s temp. Ummm. Let’s see, 400 years ago was the 1600’s, right? I guess all those factory smoke stacks belching smoke into the air contributed to THEIR increase in temp, and all the automobiles fouling the air with their exhausts… all the hair spray, and all the air conditioners, and all the… wait a minute! They had NONE of this stuff in the 1600’s. And they sure as heck didn’t have it in the year one… or six… or whatever! Yet -- they were just as hot then as we are today -- if, of course, you believe this latest data.

And these folks never miss the chance to tell us how much this affects the hurricanes and they go on to predict the growth in size, and strength, of the storms even though the “actual hurricane experts” say they are flat wrong. Those super storm hurricanes come around, every so often, and have through out history.

But the global warming experts are dead set on scaring the heck out of the public.

And for Pete’s sake… I DO wish they’d stop throwing up the damage Katrina did to New Orleans -- and stop trying to tell us it was some sort of super storm. Katrina was NOT A SUPER STORM. Katrina was still well within the parameters the NWS (Saffir/Simpson scale) uses to rate hurricanes when she actually came ashore! Why, then, was there so much damage? Well, first of all, MAN chose to build a city next to the ocean in a SINK HOLE!!! That’ll get you multi-millions of dollars in damage every time!

Most of damage done in New Orleans was as a result of human failings… not Katrina! How many times do we have to say it!

Plus, the Global Warming weenies have just decided to forget the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation. Every few decades ocean currents move more warmer water, than usual, into the Atlantic, and we get more frequent hurricanes, some of which are more powerful than others. Happens like clockwork. For more on the AMO go HERE.

I am more convinced, than ever, that the so-called Global Warming “stuff” is a politically motivated boon-doggle of the public. What else could it be? I mean, look at the facts yourself. The experts cherry pick facts and totally ignore the findings of men of science who have studied the climate since long before there were computers.

Many in the science community are frightened not to agree with the heavyweights in the Global Warming Cabal. They are frightened their government grants and government funding will be pulled -- effectively placing them in the unemployment lines. They’re scared to death!

The gullible American public and the Euro-weenies are getting the “Bum’s Rush” on Global Warming. They are coming at us so fast and with so much that the average lay person cannot digest it all and just decides to accept what they say as truth.

Well, I don’t do that. I have some wiring screwed-up in my head and my reaction is just the opposite. When I’m hit with seemingly insurmountable piles of data, rather than accept the findings, I balk, and I begin to question why I’m being covered up with this stuff in the first place! Can’t help myself. As I said, I’m hard wired that way!

I am convinced there is a political movement underway to strip American citizens of their constitutional rights under the blanket of environmentalism and global warming (Now referred to as “Climate Change”. Even the Global Warming hoaxsters were having problems selling Global Warming with snowstorms in the month of MAY!). What a great cover under which to take away your rights, little by little.

Sounds paranoid, doesn’t it? Well, dear reader, when this kind of “bovine scatology” is going on, paranoia is just GOOD THINKING!!!

Yes!!! The globe warms up, and the globe cools down. It’s been that way since oh, about day five or six! That’s how we get Ice Ages. None of us alive today have seen an ice age, so we have nothing to base an experience on save the pabulum our children are fed in school and by the enviro-freaks. An entire generation grew up, and is about to draw their social security, and THEY think history began the day they were born!

Good Lord, people! Get a grip! You’re being railroaded with all the malarkey about Global Warming… Whoops! Excuse me… I mean, of course: “Climate Change”!!

J. D. Longstreet