Friday, September 18, 2009


A commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The AP (Associated Press) is reporting that they have seen a secret report, which says that Iran has all the information it needs to build a nuclear bomb and is in the process of building missiles, which will be capable of carrying an atomic warhead.

Reportedly, the document was drafted by senior officials at the International Atomic Energy Agency and, they say, it indicates that the leaders of that agency share Washington's views on the weapon-making capabilities of Iran. Go HERE for more.

I fail to understand how ANYBODY could be the least bit surprised by the contents of any document expressing the view that Iran CAN build a nuclear weapon and the missiles to carry those devastating warheads. We all knew it was coming. Everyone with their heads not in the sand have known for years that if the US, or Israel, did not take out Iran’s nuclear facilities they were going to make a nuclear bomb and strike Israel with it the very first chance they got. Iran has openly threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” Soon, very soon, they will have the ability to do just that.

Israel is on its own. No longer can they count on assistance and aid from the US. -- not with the socialists in charge of the US government. At its core socialism is anti-God and one cannot overlook the fact that the Christian religion looks upon Israel as “The Holy Land.” That fact alone is enough to cause the socialists in the US government to drawback much as the mythical Hollywood vampire does at the sign of a cross.

Israel MUST destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities post haste. It seems to us that Israel has no other choice. Iran has set a course for self-destruction and refuses to be deterred by any actions, such as sanctions, in her all out drive to manufacture an Atomic Bomb.

Without US help with air borne tankers and such, Israeli pilots, making the sortie(s) on Iran, may be making a suicide run without enough fuel to return to their home bases in Israel. Add to that the fact that those pilots will be flying into a hornet’s nest of some of the latest Russian Surface to Air Missiles (SAMS) Rest assured the Israeli pilots know this. It is a sacrifice they, apparently, are ready to make if it will secure their homeland, Israel… even if only for a few short years.

There have been media reports, in the fairly recent past that Israel has asked the US for special munitions to destroy the underground nuclear facilities of the Iranians. These are munitions that only the US can supply, and… the US has refused those specialty weapons.
Even that setback is not enough to deter a determined Israel. So, don’t count the Israelis out. They have some of the brightest minds on the globe and it wouldn’t surprise me if, by the time the Israeli fighter-bombers launch toward Iran, they were laden with Israeli made “bunker busters” of their own.

We are quickly getting down to the “nitty gritty” in the Iran-Israeli standoff.” The Israeli-Iranian conflict has been brewing for a very long time and, in our opinion, the US should step aside and allow Israel to “take care of business”.

Israel cannot absorb a nuclear attack on their home soil and survive. They know that. Their backs are against the wall and they have no intention of cowering like frightened sheep. For that they have the admiration of this scribe.

When thinking of the coming Israeli-Iranian conflict my mind goes back to the story of Belshazzar’s Feast related in the Holy Scriptures of the Christian bible. As at Belshazzar’s Feast, the Handwriting is on the Wall, this time, for the Iranians. The words written by that miraculous finger of that moving hand were: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN". Interpreted they mean: “God has numbered your days. You have been weighed in the scales and found wanting”. The interpretation went on to say that that very night Belshazzar’s kingdom would be taken away and divided among his enemies. And, as the story goes, that same night Belshazzar’s body lay dead upon the cold floor of what had been, just a few hours earlier, his palace.

As we observe the behavior of the Iranian leadership today, we find they are reacting in the same manner as Belshazzar. The warnings are there, for Iran, just as plainly written as the moving finger wrote the warning to Belshazzar. Yet the Iranians, too, are arrogantly ignoring them just as Belshazzar did. Sadly, I have no doubt the leaders of Iran will succumb to the same end as the once great king. For God, Himself, made Belshazzar another promise. He said: ”Thou fool! This night thy soul will be required of thee.” Soon, thereafter, Belshazzar’s soul had departed his lifeless body. He lost his kingdom and his life.

Iran will not be the only loser when the bomb ladened Israeli aircraft lift off with their deadly cargo for Iran. The US will also lose an immense portion of its stature as a leader among the world’s great nations. The Obama Administration will be suspected of siding with the Muslim community over its only real friend in the region, Israel. That suspicion will be shared by the bulk of the Christian community here in America a well. Already, there a growing segment of America’s Christian community who believe that Obama is a “Closest Muslim, himself. If he chooses not to assist Israel in this life or death struggle with another Muslim country, Mr. Obama, will pay the price at the polls in 2012. His name will be added to the growing list of one-term Democrat presidents.

J. D. Longstreet

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