Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Broward County Superintendent “Don’t Send No Tone”

by Barbara Sowell

This morning James Notter, Broward County Superintendent, was interviewed by Fox News concerning his announcement that the viewing of Obama’s nationwide broadcast to schoolchildren would be mandatory in Broward County schools. There will be no opt-outs.

While defending his stance that making the viewing mandatory was the responsible thing to do, he also offered that he would have no problem if the governor came to speak to the children.

I don’t send no tone saying that, “Do you want to opt out seeing the governor today as he comes in and speaks with our children?”

Hmmmmm???? And we wonder why our public schools are failing our children?

Perhaps the parents of Broward County Public School children should be demanding that Notter prove proficiency in English!

Parents can e-mail Notter here:




  1. He's from New York so what else do you expect from him. I am surprised that he didn't say I ain't sendin youse no tone. Before long he will return northward but probably become a "halfback". Bet folks in NC and VA are really looking forward to another "halfback" coming in to tell them how great things were back in .....

  2. The people of Broward County should be demanding James Notter's resignation.

    Like Van Jones, his attitude has no place in someone holding a public position.