Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Do You Trust More, Obama, or the CIA?

Who Do You Trust More, Obama, or the CIA?

A commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It is beginning to look as if those who warned the Obama Administration would be nothing more than a Chicago mob were correct in their assessment.

Frankly, I thought, at the time, that was stretching a little, but I have to say, their actions of late, especially their decision to go after the CIA for doing a superb job against terrorists after 9/11, speaks more of Obama’s insecurity than it does anything else.

Obama’s attack on the CIA is reminiscent of the actions of Caligula, the nutty, paranoid, Roman emperor who went after his own Praetorian Guard. Obama might do well to remember that Caligula brought about his own destruction, at the hands of that elite group of Roman security specialists, by making charges and threats against them.

When one steps back and takes the broad view of Obama’s actions and the actions of those within his cadre of “Czars” and “Secretaries” one can see a pattern emerging in which Obama is wrapping himself in his own security blanket because he does not trust anyone in a position of power not beholden to him, and to him alone, for that position and the power they wield.

These are the actions, dear reader, of a man deeply troubled, deeply flawed.

We, the American electorate, cannot say we were not warned for we most certainly were. Before the election we were warned that Obama presented as a narcissist. And the actions he is taking now are certainly those of a narcissist. His attack on the CUA will desfroy the American intelligence community while this nation is at war. For make no mistake about it, America is at war, and we will be at war, whether we want to be or not, for many decades into the future.

Intelligence is the way wars are won. Yes, our combat forces put their lives on the line in the heat of combat but the intelligence services provide the information upon which the war plans are based. Without intelligence our combat forces would not know where the enemy is and what the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses are, where his supplies and war making material is coming from, etc., etc. Intelligence is vital to winning any war. Plus, intelligence agencies are vital to the security of the homeland. According to published reports this is the agency that “produced life-saving intelligence that disrupted numerous terrorist plots.” In other published reports it was CIA that aborted terrorists attacks in the US that included al-Qaida “plots to fly airliners into buildings on the West Coast, setting off bombs in U.S. cities and planning to employ a network of Pakistanis to target gas stations, railroad tracks and even the Brooklyn Bridge.”

The bottom line is – now is definitely not the time to hamper the CIA and their brother and sister agencies as the toil to keep the American public safe. There are Americans alive today who otherwise would be dead had not the CIA been successful in their operations against al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations in the War on Terror.

There is only one reason I can see for Obama allowing the Attorney General to go forward with his investigation and that is raw fear on the part of Obama. It certainly appears as though he fears the CIA, personally, and is out to hamstring them in order to protect himself for some reason yet unknown to the American public. In doing so, it also demonstrates his lack of interest in the safety of his fellow Americans just as long as he, himself, can feel safe.

The Left’s vendetta against former President Bush and Vice President Dick Chaney smacks of a gang vendetta, as well. Their constant attempts to have the two former leaders of the US branded as “war criminals” will backfire on them, big time.

Look, the US is as divided as I have ever seen it - and that includes during the Vietnam War. If Obama and the socialist left in power in Congress want to tear the country to pieces and bring the ire of the American people down on their heads for decades to come then the course they have chosen will certainly accomplish that.

Slowly, but surely Obama’s true colors are beginning to show and the American people do not like what they are seeing. That explains his huge drop in the polls. It is unfortunate that it has taken this long and is very troubling that the American electorate ignored all the warnings from those of us who saw through the smokescreen so carefully laid by the mainstream media in the US and even worldwide that was meant to shield Obama from the prying eyes of those, like myself, who saw him for what he was and what he is.

The bill is coming due. It will take America generations to pay for the harm and the damage to this country caused by the Obama regime and the socialists in the Congress and those Obama brought with him into the Administration.

It didn’t have to happen.

J. D. Longstreet


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