Saturday, August 08, 2009

Stop ObamaCare Before it Kills Us

by Barbara Sowell

The Healthcare Bill, HR 3200, "The Affordable Healthcare Choices Act of 2009, is a monster bill that few people will read in its entirety. But if you just read pages 425-430, that will be enough to send you flying the the closest Town Hall or "listening” tour with your elected Congressional officials.

Here's a summary of pages 425-430 from

You will no longer get to decide how you'll live out the end your life.

All people enrolled in Medicare will have a mandatory counseling session with an Advance Care Planning Consultant every five years to manage your last few years on this earth (p. 424-425, section 1233).

If your health changes – for example, you're diagnosed with a disease or some other chronic condition – you'll be required to have more frequent meetings (p. 428, section 1233, lines 17-25)

During these sessions, you'll receive instruction and consultation concerning living wills and durable powers of attorney (p. 425, section 1233, lines 7-9).

You'll also be given an approved list of resources to help guide you to the end of your life (p. 425, section 1233, lines 12-23).

But you get more than just well-meaning advice …

The government will also get a say on how your life ends (p. 427-428, section 1233) – and the advance care consultation may even include an order for end of life plans (p. 429, section 1233, lines 1-3).

And – in the biggest step toward euthanasia our Country has ever made - the government will decide what level of treatment you are entitled to at the end of your life (p. 430, section 1233, lines 4-17).

Click here for the full bill

Find a Town Hall or "Listening Tour" and Attend

Organizing for America, the president’s political arm, is attempting to rally support for healthcare reform legislation. Go to the site (no  matter how distasteful) and sign up to discover venues near you.

Sign Petitions

Just Say NO to HR 3200 is sponsored by Concerned Citizens of the United States of America

Free Our Health Care Now Petition

Call and Write Letters and E-mails

Congressional Representatives

Find Your Elected Officials

Tell President Obama why you oppose HR 3200. You can write to the White House at This will ensure that you and your message will get flagged and put on Obama's Enemie's list, however you will be in good company! The number of American Patriots writing to President Obama in opposition is growing exponentially!

See BO's Enemies List: Twitter #Flag Hashtag Defined



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