Thursday, August 06, 2009

"Manufactured" Mob Keeps Growing

n138852146997_2156 The White House and their frightened followers on the left would have America believe that ObamaCare isn't facing a dismal collapse in Congress, and that all the angry folks showing up at Town Hall meetings are just part of a manufactured "astro turf" plot hatched by the RNC.

Caleb Howe and Eric Odom have started a new Facebook group, The Peoples Mob, and it's growing very rapidly.

The Democrat National Committee, far left bloggers, lobbyist and special interest groups have all gone on the attack over authentic American dissent. Apparently, these groups are not happy about the fact that the entire country doesn't agree with them.
If advocating free speech, peaceful dissent, individual liberty and fiscal responsibility makes us a mob... we'll take the label.
Welcome to the new official Facebook Group for "The People's Mob"... a grassroots coalition of free-market activists.

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