Tuesday, July 14, 2009

US Economy in the Tank – Dems Push For Massive INCOME TAX INCREASE!

US Economy in the Tank – Dems Push For Massive INCOME TAX INCREASE!

Massive Tax hike to pay for Obama’s Socialized Medicine
J. D. Longstreet

Again, we TOLD YOU SO!

We told you this would happen! Here it is. The democrats will seek a massive increase in federal income taxes to help pay for the national health-care reform proposal that President Obama is urging Congress to enact this summer.

With unemployment on the rise and the economy sinking like a stone, the Democrat/Socialists are going to demand more of your hard earned money to finance a pie in the sky healthcare scheme, or should we say “scam” that will take over what little remains of your private life. Read about it HERE.

How in the world did Americans become so utterly naïve as to fall for the “Utopian” dreams the Democrat/socialists peddled during the campaign, when there were so many of us screaming our heads off and proclaiming, for all the world to hear, that it would do nothing but destroy the American healthcare system and introduce rationing of healthcare and raise your taxes through the roof… and enough of you FELL for it, anyway, yes, I said FELL for it (because you DID - and you allowed yourselves to be duped) to elect Obama and hand that crowd of Democrat/socialists the power to absolutely ruin this nation. They have set out to do just that. In six months time, they have managed to drag America down to, roughly, where she was in the 1930’s.

You will notice the Dems used the old tactic of releasing unpleasant news late on Fridays because Americans pay very little attention to news over the weekends. They are playing the American public like the fools they believe us to be. And I have to tell you - it sure looks to me as if they have us pegged. I mean how bright did the American electorate have to be to elect this bunch in the first place? Just look around you. Six months… and America is practically on her knees! They have raped and pillaged our treasury and now they are going to dig into your pockets and take what little you have left to support your families. Oh, and they have the gall to ask you to believe the old lie about taxing the rich. And you are going to swallow that lie too, aren’t you? That is, until one of your more lucid moments when you suddenly remember - it is the rich folks who provide the jobs you go to each morning, if, that is, you are fortunate enough to STILL HAVE A JOB!

And you still don’t see what’s coming down the road aways, do you? I mean the tsunami of inflation that is already building just over the horizon, inexorably making its way toward us. In a few months it is going to wash over us. With the added burden of this huge tax increase, surviving it will be like trying to swim against the current with a 200-pound anvil tied around our collective necks. Businesses are going to shut their doors denying Americans much needed jobs. Those businesses, that are able, are going to move off shore taking those jobs with them. Thousands of small businesses will founder, and go under, tossing more American workers onto the streets. Oh, it hasn’t gotten bad yet. But it’s coming. You can bet on it. It’s coming!

I suppose the most frustrating thing about watching the demise of America is to behold how willingly the American electorate is accepting this disgraceful end. What you have done, America is accept slavery. You have sold your birthright, and my birthright, of freedom, to the low bidder, socialism. Now you are marching placidly into servitude to the state.

The only people in America today to show any spark of fight left in them are the conservatives. And we have been bottled up and shut out. We have no voice in the national legislature, certainly no voice in the executive branch, and, after this week we will have so little voice on the national judiciary as to be totally ineffective. The Supreme Court will be able to do whatever they want to do with your constitutional rights. And they will. They are going to take your guns. Believe it! It is the next logical step.

Face it America! The revolution is over… and YOU LOST! Socialism won - because you didn’t even show up to fight!

J. D. Longstreet



  1. Good for you, J.D. Every day is a new battle with "collectivists", the word choose to avoid the semantics games played by liberals, leftists, progressives, socialists, fascists, communists... hope I haven't left any out. Submitted yours to Digg and it's taking off nicely, also posted it to my own http://morality101.net/blog/

    Keep it up, I'm a follower.

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