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June 17, 2009

“SERVE AMERICA” Marches On -
Community Organizers Step Up Their Take Over!

Main Stream Media has, in large part, given little report of last week’s AmeriCorps change of command. Obama’s unceremonious firing of its Inspector General reinforces Wake Up America movement’s forewarning that the new “Serve America” law is intended primarily to provide political cover for coast-to-coast community organizing! Ironically, just a few weeks ago, Congress and the White House gave praises to AmeriCorps management record. But that was before the Inspector General, charged with oversight, caught the new Chief Executive’s pal Kevin, Johnson, with his hand in the cookie jar - again.

On uncovering misuse of funds to the tune of $800,000, the Inspector, Gerald Walpin, issued orders cutting off Kevin’s group from any further Federal funding. However, by last Wednesday night, the tables were turned in favor of Johnson. Obama reinstated Johnson’s funding status and dismissed the Inspector General instead. As the Wall Street Journal commented, Walpin’s only crime was trying to protect taxpayer dollars. Since $5.5 Billion dollars in Federal funding is given AmeriCorps for expansion, this signals cause for apprehension in how the total funds will be used and supervised.

As Glenn Beck demonstrated on his Tuesday PM FOX show, this firing leaves the current chain of authority of the expanded AmeriCorps programs entirely in untrustworthy and politicized hands.


1. Obama is in ultimate charge of Serve America’s future - like that of the auto industry and banking on his growing list of potentate powers.
2. Next comes the Corporation of National & Community Services - which is now headed by
3. Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff, Jackie Norris. In other words, under Obama’s authority, Serve America will be controlled by his own wife. Managing “Serve America” under the above Federal corporation, is AmeriCorps itself, whose current task appears to be promoting its cause and distributing its vast new funding among aligned “community organizations.” Now in charge is Alan Solomon, a former Democratic fundraiser. What a dream come true for a party fundraiser - to grow a nationwide political organization with federal funding, under the guise of “Civil Service!”
4. Remaining oversight falls to H.E.L.P. - the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions. As it happens this powerful committee is chaired by Senator Ted Kennedy, for whom the “Serve America” Act has been named. Considering the critically ill Kennedy is rarely in Washington and his undying support of “Serve America” is a well-known fact, little to no investigation of AmeriCorps politicization nor its distribution of billions of tax-payer dollars is likely - unless there is widespread public protest of this management debacle.

For example, back in 2008, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) had already accused Johnson of wasting its money and directing corps members to do things clearly outside the bounds of AmeriCorps service. Johnson's non-profit group, HOPE, has since made a settlement with the Federal government, in part to be repaid, patiently, over a 10 year term. Clearly that was before Michelle Obama had influence over the CNCS. Also clear is Johnson’s current extreme good favor with the Obama’s. Saddest is Congressional disinterest in this corrupt history of cronyism when they passed into law AmeriCorps increased influence and funding a few months ago, via the “Serve America” Act.

This former basketball player, turned mayor of Sacramento CA, is also pushing for Federal Stimulus dollars there, making it evident that Johnson is high on the Obama food chain and capable of having his hand in more than one pot.

Byron York, of the Washington Examiner, reports the most immediately “alarming” aspect of last week’s chain of events is that the Inspector General received an abrupt call on his cell phone, while on the road, informing him he had one hour to retire or be fired. Acting in integrity, Walpin refused to resign, but as the corrupt new “Save America”s only watchdog, he is gone nonetheless. Reports indicate this position requires 30 days notice and an explanation of termination. Neither was given - which could be a violation of the Inspector General Reform Act.

“Serve America” - as forecast - translates to “Serve Obama” If you object, phone or fax your Congressman and Senators! FREE FAX and complete Capitol Hill contact information are available online to all who sign in with Wake Up America movement

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  1. Typical Chicago style thuggery politics. Bullying and intimidation is the name of the game.
    There will be no investigation of this travesty since another thug is the Attorney General of the US. As soon as the courts are stacked look for this to occur on a regular basis.
    I was reading the history of the Iranian Revolution starting with the 1979 situation and how when the Ayatollah took charge if you didn't do exactly as he thought you should do, you were fired or killed.
    Other tin horn dictators have done the same.
    Now we have a wannabe sitting in the WH.

  2. Walpin was not the only one removed and or stifled. Check this link: