Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Close the Golden Door! ... by: J. D. Longstreet

Close the Golden Door!
By: J. D. Longstreet

The Obama Administration has been excellent at keeping a crisis of some kind ongoing in the US while they continue to get their crash socialist programs through the Congress and made into law before the American people figure out what hit us. It’s called “mis-direction.” Magicians use it all the time. The reason Magicians and politicians use it - because it works!

When The Obama people run out of crises and the smoke clears a little and the American people begin to get a look through the low hanging mist, there are going to be a lot of jaws dropping and dragging the floor. In fact, it has already begun.

It is sometimes known as “Buyer’s Remorse.” You know, its that sinking feeling you get after you get home from a shopping trip with something you felt at the time the salesman was pitching it to you that you absolutely must have. Now that you are home with that item, which is now ALL YOURS, you realize, you really didn’t need it at all! In fact, you don’t even want the “cussed thing”, but. - Now you OWN IT! That is Buyer’s Remorse.

That is what a lot of Obama supporters are feeling these days. It is certainly not because we conservatives didn’t warn them, we did, loud and clear and long, we warned them. Too late, they discovered we actually DID know what we were talking about. But, as I said, it is too late.

Hopefully enough of those mis-directed voters will clear their heads in time to help those of us already in the trenches stop Obama’s attempt to grant amnesty to the nearly, what, 30 million (?), or so, illegal immigrants in the US. Yes, it is the amnesty program we fought so hard, a couple of years ago under the Bush administration, and managed to squelch. We knew then it was only temporary. Now we have a new President, and soon, a new effort to get that Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Program pushed through a socialist Congress. It will not be nearly so easy this time to stop it. In fact, it will be a nail-biter right down ‘til the last vote is counted in the US House and the US Senate.

So – I’m wondering: Is it time to close the Golden Door and out lady Liberty’s Torch? I think it is… at least for a time.

The US is being overrun with immigrants, legal and illegal. So many are coming in that we can no longer keep up with them… and as a result, we haven’t a clue who is here… and what their intentions are. Granted the recession has slowed the invasion, for now, but the recession is almost over and those numbers will begin climbing again, and soon.

We have lost our government socialists. Now we are is severe danger of losing our country. Three immigrants babies are born for every baby born to a US Citizen. See what I mean? See how the numbers are against us? Those babies, born of immigrant parents, become an American citizen at the moment of birth. In a few years, that same young American citizen can sponsor other members of his, or her, family and bring them to live in the US as well.

Something has to be done… and quickly.

We need to shut down legal immigration for a few years… a moratorium on immigration, if you will. That will allow us to catch our national breath. And then we need to close, and seal, the southern, and northern, borders of the US.

We must also understand that terrorists find our wide-open southern border an open invitation to enter through their enemy’s soft underbelly and deal death and destruction to the citizens of this once great country. We know this because we have caught at least a few of them. For those we caught… how many got through? That should keep you up tonight!

A country must be able to control its borders, or it is doomed. Sorry to say, I do not see the will in our elected officials, including the President, to take the nations security seriously and close and seal those borders. See, those folks stealing across that border look very much like democrat voters to the democrat/socialists now running our government.

Please don’t tell me it can’t be done. DO NOT TRY to tell me we cannot close and seal that border. We have US troops patrolling the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and we have US troops patrolling the border between Iraq and Syria and Iraq and Iran. But, we have no US troops patrolling the borders between the US and Mexico and the US and Canada. Does that make any sort of sense to you? Because it, sure as heck, does not make sense to me!

Dealing the border(s) can be done. But, one thing is missing. The political will to do it. This is another point at which “the governed” and “the governors” differ in the US. Again, I fear the explanation is simply – votes for the Democrat/Socialists and a cheap labor pool for the GOP.

I am convinced the American people would like to preserve their identity and their national security. Unfortunately, our legislators seem interested only in securing more and more power for themselves… and if that means allowing illegal and legal, immigrants into this country in hopes of persuading them to align themselves with their political party, then so be it. (And, as noted above, there, in a nutshell, is the problem.)

When the 2010 political campaigns swing into high gear, in a few months, I’d like to see this problem front and center on the list of things the candidates need to address and actually do something about! I doubt it will be on that list, but if we push long enough, and loud enough, we will, at some point, get their attention. If we don’t speak up, if we don’t rattle their cages, we are going to be steam-rolled by the democrat/socialist juggernaut.

I am one of those “dreamers” who believes; deep down in the core of my being, that man’s destiny lies in the stars. I believe we are destined to spread throughout the known universe and even beyond. But, until we are ready to colonize the stars we are going to have to make a home for ourselves here… on this planet. As in 15th, and 16th, century Europe, many of us are ready to pull out and go establish ourselves another society. We haven’t the means, yet. But in the future we will, and the stars will really be our homes. But, ‘til then, we must do everything in our power to secure the place on this planet we call home. We can begin by sealing our borders - especially the southern border with Mexico.

J. D. Longstreet


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