Saturday, April 18, 2009


TSUSAMI_WAM_LINK Tea Party Public Protests happened across the nation this April 15. It's not to be overlooked that, on this same date, the late great Titanic sank. Touted to be the ultimate seafaring vessel, it steered its course straight into a huge block of ice that so damaged its hull, the rest is history. The incredible incident amazed the world, demonstrating the vulnerability of pride in man-made accomplishments. This week's phenomenal, spontaneous cross-country turn-out of everyday citizens who 'took to the streets' of nearly a thousand towns nationwide may well signal the possibility that the current U.S. Administration's economic ship is reaching an icy block' of similar proportions.

Ironically MainStreamMedia distorted reports of Wednesday's widespread public protests seem as confused as early reports on Titanic's 'bump in the road' might have been. The world over might then have also been thinking that ship was unsinkable and was sure to veer ahead and recover its buoyancy. Of course, we all know now that didn't happen. But the media, at large, seems now determined to relegate the hundreds of thousands of this week's peaceful but determined protesters to the ranks of inconsequential 'right wing' eccentrics enjoying a passing fancy. Several even appear to have had trouble 'doing their math.'

According to today's World Net Daily, "An estimated 1 million Americans participated in at least 1,000 tea parties, according to reports by organizers tabulating the nationwide numbers, with documented protests held in 50 states."

Witness this from USA Today, which featured a single incident of school sexual harassment, front page center, only noting the Tea Party Protests in a small feature on page 3, which opened with "Thousands rally..." Since major events in state capitols, by and large, each had a turn-out of thousands of citizens, it's clear that tens of thousands were involved in numerous huge scale events - before one even begins counting the crowds of hundreds more at hundreds of other related, less reported protests. So, why not just state the fact that hundreds of thousands turned out in this historically unprecedented protest movement? Similarly why did Heraldo Rivera, on FOX, scoff at this movement, out of hand, dismissing it all as a mere 'flash in the pan' when compared to a previous pro-immigration protest which had received considerable major media attention? Probably for the same reason, Time Warner's on-line home page reported an erroneous AP claim that the Tea Parties were solidly arranged by one single Conservative  organization, demonized in this news release as a massive monetary collector, implied to use 'charitable' collections as a front. �

As could be expected, Huffington Post huffed and puffed while the overall online Obama-worship community settled upon a sexual insult as the anchor of their Tea Party commentaries. Still, it's a bit shocking that, on FOX News (which was among those accused of being the devious central organizer of the protests) Laura Ingram reported that even MSNBC was distressed enough to pick up on the sexual insult theme in part of their prime-time coverage. By now, most have seen video footage of the pretty probama CNN street reporter overtly harassing a protester, despite the fact that he carried his 2 year old in his arms.

At this point, it's impossible to say if the Titanic of Obama's Plan to break the American middle class - financially and in spirit - will succeed. Yet, it's promising to note that CNN and MSNBC's Evening News coverage on April 15 drew a combined audience of just over 2 million while FOX, whose star anchors participated in hugely attended metropolitan Tea Parties, drew an audience of 3.3 million. These ratings make clear millions more Americans - who did not join in these Protests were very interested in watching them unfold.

And while MSM insists that this minor passing blow to Obama's vast ship of self-inflating legislation will be of no lasting consequence, these facts remain clear, despite the Media's cloudy coverage:

* The Tea Parties were not organized by one single leader or group.

* These synchronized events were the first sign of the Internet resistance to Obama's "Change" Plan for rest of US touching ground, at last, and doing so vividly and vibrantly.

* Despite attendees being profiled as 'right wing loons' any video clip of any location clearly portrayed a cross section of average middle-class Americans from all walks of life.

It is also worth mention that a talk-show call-in from Chicago shared with enthusiasm a surprising turn-out of African Americans and Latinos at the protest in downtown Chicago, the heart of Obama's home ground. As for the concurrent news leak of Homeland Security's domestic terrorism report warning of dangerous "Right Wing Extremists" spurring on violence in our nation, the Chicago protester (who sounded to be a perky thirty-something 'moderate') was pleased to report the following: After a�closing loud speaker request, by a local organizer, that folks leave no debris behind, the Chi-town event culminated with a cheerful collective litter collection, likely leaving its location cleaner than when the thousands of polite, courteous protesters arrived.

It appears there may be major damage, after all, if net-activists continue to come together and mobilize more Americans to Wake Up and Speak Out on D.C.'s outrageous conduct-but the danger we collectively pose is neither violent nor posed against either Country nor Fellow Citizens.

It is Obama's Titanical Plan at which we take aim. The empowerment of taking to the streets and discovering we are not alone in these efforts should not be under-estimated. Vital questions yet remain to be answered: Will We the People continue to come together to Reform Washington and the Media? Will we move forward in transcending lesser differences which have divided and distracted US from this purpose? Will we build our impact and influence, by taking cohesive, strategic, productive ACTIONS to redirect our nation's current fast-track fascist course and set the U.S.A. back on the track laid out by our Founding Fathers?

The one answer we can know right now for certain ? The Future is now up to US.

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  1. When the left fights so hard to discredit or destroy those of us who disagree with them, we are doing something right! We must keep up the pressure, never lose momentum or our ship will go down.

  2. Grandpa Smith you are absolutely correct!

  3. Excellent coverage. I linked to you in a related article at

  4. I'm glad to see the estimates of 1 million supporters and 1,000 gatherings. This is good news. I know from my home town, this sound right.

    The count has been difficult to reconcile, with the MSM lying, lying, lying.

  5. The WAM link didn't work for me.